Month: March 2020

Laila Biali gets personal

As tragedies fuel life-affirming inspiration

Naya Ali: “I trust the universe”

She offers us “Godspeed: Baptism (Prelude)”

Jesse Zubot: They shoot, he scores

Multi-talented musician now established as a screen composer

Allie X: Wanting to be seen

New album Cape God addresses her teenage self

In the Spotlight: Teddi Jones

Early credits with Summer Walker, Shay Lia

LaF’s Community Rap

Everyone has their role to play in this cabin-based fusion r...

SOCAN’s COVID-19 Update: March 25, 2020

Shawn Mendes, Spotify, Live Music Online Hosting Guide, more

Beat Sexü: Aural Polyamory

Pantoum house band scores extra points with “Deuxième Foi...

COVID-19 Canadian Music Community Update: March 24, 2020

More ongoing activity during the current situation

Self-Isolation: A source of inspiration for SOCAN members

“There’s going to be a baby boom and an album boom!” ...

CISAC calls on governments for global action to help creators

“It’s imperative that governments in all countries act f...

Unison Benevolent Fund announces $500,000 COVID-19 Relief Program

Slaight Family Foundation donates half, hopes to inspire oth...

COVID-19 Update: Canadian music ecosystem still gamely adapting

Ongoing activity in the climate of isolation

renforshort explodes onto the scene

Turning teenage angst into scrappy alt-pop

NAC and Facebook Canada to broadcast online performances by Canadian artists

Other initiatives also being developed

COVID-19 Update: More resources from the Canadian music community

To help musicians through the situation

Louis-Jean Cormier: Finding a renewed urgency to create

As he releases “Quand la nuit tombe”

COVID-19 Update: Canadian music community continues to rally

Creative activity broadens as the situation deepens

Canadian music industry reacts quickly to COVID-19 situation

First few days of “lockdown” see much creative, caring a...

Unison Benevolent Fund helps music industry pros during hard times

Organization created, administered by music community