Month: August 2020

The 2020 edition of Les Francouvertes returns

SOCAN-sponsored “J’aime mes ex” series is now online

Krief: The Homebody Rocker

“Nowadays, I never look for what’s trending or hot”

SOCAN Leadership Updates: Trevor Jackson

Future tech, and SOCAN I.T. as a workplace

Working singer-songwriters survive pandemic with alternate revenues

From Patreon, live-streams, teaching, co-writes, synch licen...

Video Interview: Staying Home with Owen Pallett

We chat with celebrated songwriter, composer about his Islan...

SOCAN, IASCA co-create six one-day song camps throughout Summer of 2020

Partnering teams of Irish and Canadian music creators, onlin...

Monk.E : The Ugandan Connection

“I’ve grown artistically, socially, and on a human level...

Polaris 2020 short-lister Witch Prophet

Raising funds to co-found her own record label, Heart Lake

SOCAN’s Encore program distributes more than $130,000 for virtual performances

On more than 935 online live concerts presented during COVID...

Ragers: Might as well

High-energy rap combo explores twists and turns of French la...

SOCAN Leadership Updates: Trevor Jackson

How has SOCAN’s I.T. Department coped with COVID?

Winnipeg live hip-hop band Super Duty Tough Work

Polaris Prize 2020 long-listers expand their creative approa...

SOCAN Reproduction Rights clients awarded $1.5-million in royalties

For copies of music, in CBC arbitration

Kiesza returns with Crave

After six years, and a traumatic brain injury

Video Interview: Staying Home with T. Thomason and Ria Mae

How they co-write the re-mix of Thomason’s “Loser”

Bernardino Femminielli’s “French Exit”

“I still see what Parisians no longer see”

Prix de la chanson SOCAN: Félix Dyotte accepts his $5,000 prize

He performs “Maintenant ou jamais” with Évelyne Brochu ...

Fred Everything: Steady as He Goes

Deep house DJ/producer’s career going strong for nearly 30...

SOCAN mourns the loss of member Salome Bey, “Canada’s First Lady of the Blues,” at 86

Grammy nominee, Dora Mavor Moore and Obie Award winner, Memb...

SOCAN House in Paris re-opens for business

Under new COVID-19 terms and conditions