On September 28, the 2020 edition of the SiriusFM Francouvertes series – interrupted last March because of COVID-19 lockdown – is scheduled to resume. The remaining preliminary round nights will be presented on Sept. 28, 29, and 30. Artists Désarroi, Jeremy Lachance, La Fièvre, Kanen, thaïs, Valence, Mclean, Mille Piastres Please, and Trop Belle will finally get the chance to perform on the Lion d’Or stage. At the time this 24th edition of the contest was interrupted, Ariane Roy was heading the list, followed, in order, by Vendou, Jessy Benjamin, Narcisse, La Faune, Embo/phlébite, Aramis, Guillaume Bordel, and Petite Papa.

The artists scheduled to perform onstage at the end of September will be competing for a spot among the competition’s nine semi-finalists. The semi-finals are scheduled for Oct. 12, 13, and 14, again at Montreal’s Cabaret du Lion d’Or. We’ll then learn the names of the three finalists. who’ll be competing in the Nov. 2 final round on the Club Soda stage in Montréal.

Of course, various safety measures will be implemented to make sure that social distancing regulations are followed. People wishing to attend the various Lion d’Or performances, or listen to the streamed concerts, will be required to purchase tickets from lepointdevente.com. Please note that only the audience attending the live presentations will have an opportunity to cast their votes.

The “J’aime mes ex” concert series, a SOCAN presentation generally used as an opening act, will be replaced with exclusive performances available online. Each week until the resumption of the series, Francouvertes “exes” will be performing shows that will remain online for 48 hours only, on the Francouvertes website. You’ll have an opportunity to attend a solo performance by Jipé Dalpé (Aug. 25–27), who will be followed by Louis-Jean Cormier (Sept. 1–3), Mehdi Cayenne (Sept 8–10), Laurence-Anne (Sept. 15–17), and Lou-Adriane Cassidy (Sept. 22–24).

SOCAN also sponsors the $1,000 Paroles & Musique Award, to be presented to one of the semi-finalists, to underline the songwriting talent that is the basis of good music. This cash award also comes with a one-week songwriting residency at the Paris (France) SOCAN House. Those prizes are part of a plethora of awards, grants, and concert opportunities that will be awarded once again this year.

Good luck to all the participants!