Paul J. Spence is probably the most famous person you’ve never heard of. The Calgary-born musician, comedian, actor and author first came to national attention starring in and co-writing 2001’s mockumentary and loving tribute to Canadian working-class headbanger culture, FUBAR: The Movie. Since its release, FUBAR has become a cult classic, spawning an album, a tour and subsequently a sequel, FUBAR II, released in 2010. Spence’s song There’s No Place Like Christmas,” which appeared in FUBAR II, was nominated for a 2011 Genie Award for Best Original Song. When asked about his Genie nomination, Spence says it was “like getting invited to a girl’s house I who didn’t know, but that I’d heard was a real looker. I had no expectations, and when I didn’t go all the way, I was just happy to have rubbed up against her, confirming that not only was she attractive but smelled good, too.” Spence, now a resident of Montreal, has continued to act, appearing in films such as 2007’s Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There and 2009’s The Trotsky.