Sierra Noble is a singer, songwriter and traditional fiddle player from Winnipeg who fell in love with old-time music when she was only eight years old.

“I think it was the first time I felt my heart really, really connect to music,” says Noble. “Undeniably. I knew that that was it. That was the music I wanted to play.”

She released her first fiddle album at 14 and her first solo EP when she was 18, back in 2008. “My favourite part about old-time music is the way it gathers people, and the community it creates. It’s beautiful.”

Only 23 as of this writing, Noble has already toured across Canada, Europe, Asia and South America, and played with some of pop music’s biggest names, like Sir Paul McCartney and Bon Jovi. She also played the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Her music has also been featured in numerous TV shows, including the WB’s One Tree Hill and NBC’s Parenthood. Her new album is expected in the summer of 2014.