If you ask DJ duo Loud Luxury what the rest of 2018 has in store for them, they’ll inevitably give you this response: “Very little sleep.” That’s for a good reason, though: since late last year, Andrew Fedyk and Joe DePace – who first met at Western University in London, ON – have been riding an unstoppable wave of success thanks to their hit single, “Body.”

The wildly popular song, which transforms hip-hop artist Brando’s vocal tracks – the duo describes the original take as “way slower, and was intended to be a hip-hop-type, strip-club anthem” – into an amped-up club stomper. To date, the song’s been streamed more than 40 million times, and its music video has earned more than 12 million views.

“We should be clear that we never expected it to be a hit,” they say. But this experience has only re-affirmed their musical instincts, driving home a big lesson: “Stick with the songs that feel special to you and your team,” they say. “Even if no one else believes in it, you’re not crazy, and you should fight for what you think the world needs to hear.”

“Body” only marks the beginning of what looks to be a career filled with more hits. Prior to the song’s takeoff, the duo were prominently featured on Martin Garrix’s remix EP for their take on his song, “Scared to be Lonely.”

Now based in Los Angeles, a city that Fedyk and DePace praise for being a “melting pot for music and, arguably, for the world,” Loud Luxury is excited to continue making more music, both as a duo and with more collaborators. “We think the best music comes from the most unpredictable collaborations,” they explain. They do have a dream list of artists they’d love to work with though, which includes Ed Sheeran, PartyNextDoor and Starrah.

In the meantime, Fedyk and DePace just want to “show people we aren’t a one-trick pony.” With two more singles scheduled to come out this summer, Loud Luxury are ready to show fans more. As they tease, “We’ve barely scratched the surface.”