Montréal-based, by way of the Outaouais, trio Planet Giza is slowly but surely transitioning from producers to full-fledged artists. With the release of their single “Find My Way 2 Love” last May, they’re now pretenders to the throne as Montréal’s – slightly cooler, let’s be honest – version of PartyNextDoor.

“I found the Jaspects sample,” explains Planet Giza’s Rami, about how the group wrote the single. “I chopped it up, but we figured having Tony on it would be a good thing, because something was missing – and that completed it. He sent us his tracks, and released it the next week!”

Composed of MC Tony $tone, and beat-makers Dumix and Rami B, Planet Giza was created in 2012 when, at the time, $tone and Dumix were called The North Virus. In the wake of their captivating recent live performances, and the enthusiasm that their mixtapes generate on Soundcloud, Planet Giza will undoubtedly make its mark on dancefloors and in homes everywhere over the coming months. Using an irresistible mix of sampling, up-to-the-minute rhythms, and Caribbean flavours, their music is utterly contemporary, and bears a very distinct signature.

Planet Giza has built relationships with fans via Soundcloud, and elsewhere in the industry – to date, that includes Lou Phelps, Kaytranada’s brother, Kaytranada himself, and virtually the entire Montréal beat-making scene, to name but a few. Their performances have had considerable impact, especially those at the Artgang All Star, and their opening slot for Kaytranada at Métropolis last fall.

All that considered, it’s crystal-clear that Planet Giza (pronounced GEE-za, with a hard “G,” in reference to the pyramids at Giza in Egypt) will generate a lot of buzz throughout 2017, as the stars of the industry continue to align for them.