SOCAN is thrilled to announce the appointment of Alexandre Alonso as Executive Director of Québec Affairs. Alexandre started in his new role on April 3, 2023, and is based in Montréal.

Maintaining excellent relationships with our songwriter, composer and music publisher members in Québec is crucial for the organization. The same holds true for SOCAN’s involvement in the Québec music ecosystem, and with the various political and governmental authorities.

Alexandre will be a key element of the Membership team, as he’ll be responsible for building relationships that foster effective and positive communication and exchange with Québec’s entire music ecosystem. He’ll communicate on a daily basis with SOCAN members living in Québec, with the associations that represent them, and with government authorities. It will help SOCAN to better understand the specific issues in Québec, and promote its commitment to the needs of its members.

Alexandre is a passionate and committed manager, with more than 15 years of experience in the cultural sector. His expertise has been deployed in service of publishing and record companies, festivals, theatres, management companies, unions, and professional associations.

Prior to joining SOCAN, Alexandre was the Executive Director of the Société professionnelle des auteurs et compositeurs du Québec (SPACQ), a position he held since October 2020, which allowed him to collaborate frequently with SOCAN and the SOCAN Foundation. Prior to that, he was a labour relations agent and then consultant for Union des artistes (2019-2020). He also served as Communications and Community Relations Manager for Artisti (2016-2018), the collective society whose mission is to protect, preserve, and promote performers’ rights. He acted as a consultant during the founding of the Regroupement des artisans de la musique (RAM), and the drafting of the political platform. He’s been in charge of the file of entrepreneurial artists, and the coordination of the production of content, and the budgetary management of public financial assistance (ministère de la Culture et des Communications) since 2016.

“It’s with great honour and a deep sense of responsibility that I join SOCAN as Executive Director of Québec Affairs,” said Alonso. “From the perspective of SOCAN’s new member-centric vision, Québec has many rich assets to offer. The dense fabric of its industry, its teeming creative community, and its passionate public are all features that make Québec a vibrant, resilient, and innovative ecosystem. Of course, we all know that the challenges are great, but it’s with enthusiasm and a dynamic approach, in emulation with my SOCAN colleagues, that I proudly wish to represent Québec, to respond to its specific issues, and to pro-actively contribute to its success – by implementing collaborative and innovative strategies, focused on results. I know from experience that the Québec music market is demanding, but it’s clear that it’s also full of visionary and persevering entrepreneurs, as well as prolific and talented artists. I’m convinced that, together, we’ll succeed in taking advantage of the structural asymmetry to make Québec a proud, productive, and diversified market. I invite SOCAN’s publisher and creator members to join me and start working together for our collective success.”

Alonso’s arrival in his new role as Executive Director of Québec Affairs will strengthen SOCAN’s work in this important territory, a mandate that he’ll undoubtedly fulfill with tact, diplomacy, and discernment, three qualities that have helped him make his mark throughout his career – and which he now brings to the SOCAN family.