CISAC published its 2023 Annual Report on May 25, 2023, providing an overview of its work to support 227 member collective management organizations (CMOs) throughout the world – which cumulatively manage the rights of more than five million creators in the fields of music, audio-visual (film, TV, and online productions), visual arts, drama, and literature.

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In addition to updates on its technology, legal, and lobbying services, the report highlights successful CISAC projects in Greece and Turkey that are helping to turn around previously challenged markets and increase collections for creators.

The report also shows progress in extending the adoption of the ISWC as a required music works identifier for metadata, a top priority for the CISAC network, aimed at ensuring fair and accurate remuneration for creators in the streaming world.

The document outlines CISAC’s lobbying actions in multiple countries to promote stronger laws protecting creators and rights holders. It also provides an update on the solidarity actions taken by the CISAC community through its global initiative, “Creators for Ukraine” – which has contributed EUR 1.4 million to individual creators, and charities that help victims of the war.

Forewords by CISAC President Björn Ulvaeus (of ABBA), Board Chair Marcelo Castello Branco, and Director General Gadi Oron set out CISAC’s current priorities and strategic vision for the future. These include the rapidly growing impact of artificial intelligence (AI), and CISAC’s campaign for more fairness in remuneration from the streaming market.

“Participating in CISAC initiatives is crucial to SOCAN, and beneficial to all our members,” says SOCAN CEO Jennifer Brown. “As one of two Vice-Chairs of the CISAC Board of Directors, I can share a Canadian viewpoint on widespread issues, with CMOs from around the world, and contribute to leveraging new opportunities. With copyright going increasingly digital and crossing international borders, changing our ways of operating, it’s more crucial than ever for SOCAN to be involved in this large music ecosystem, and its ongoing conversations about the future of collective management.

“With this report, CISAC has left nobody behind. We collectively take action to preserve a robust copyright market, to protect creators’ rights, and to promote collective management vision, worldwide, with equal involvement from form the smallest markets to the biggest ones.”

In his foreword, Oron says, “The pandemic may be over, but it’s anything but ‘business as usual’ for the CISAC network. The shift to digital is spurring collections growth globally, but at the same time posing unprecedented new challenges to the operations of many societies. In this context, CISAC continues to work relentlessly to help deliver collections growth and provide essential business services to our members.”

The report also covers CISAC’s support for a campaign furthering the un-waivable right of remuneration for audio-visual authors, and outlines CISAC’s continued lobbying for international implementation of the resale right for visual artists.

The CISAC General Assembly takes place June 1, 2023, in Mexico City.