SOCAN members Helen Austin and Paul Otten of the duo Big Little Lions; Mike Ure and Aidan Johnson-Bujold of the duo Buck Twenty; and solo artist JoJo Worthington have all won second-place prizes in the genre categories of the 2020 Unsigned Only competition.

Big Little Lions took the honours in the Americana category, for their song “Against the Wall,” and also earned an honourable mention in the Screenshot field, for “Here We Go Again.”  Buck Twenty won in the Country category, for “All I Can Do,”  while JoJo  Worthington reached the penultimate prize in the Screenshot field, for her song “Stabilize,” which also earned an honourable mention in the Adult Contemporary category.

In addition to these genre winners, 13 other SOCAN members, or acts featuring SOCAN members, also earned honorable mentions in their respective categories, including double recognition for solo artist Madison Olds and the duo Scot Free Sessions.  These winners are:

Adult Contemporary (AC)
Madison Olds, “Sorry”

Scot Free Sessions, “Beckett”

Robyn Ottolini, “Girl Next Door”
Genevieve Fisher, “Someone Else”

Electronic Dance Music (EDM)
Enevold, “Space Machine”

Benjamin Dakota Rogers, “Better By Now”
Scot Free Sessions, “Istanbul”

Pop/Top 40
Madison Olds, “3’s a Crowd”
The Free Label, “M.I.A. (Money Isn’t Available)”
Fenmore, “The Alchemist”

The Royal Foundry, “Okay?”

Liz, “Fences”

Mikalyn Hay, “It’s Dangerous””

Vocal Performance
Hannah Thomas, “I Will Always Love You” (in the style of Whitney Houston)
Alexz Johnson, “Still Alive”

SOCAN congratulates all of our winning members on these achievements. For a complete list of winners, and to hear the winning songs, click here.