Music Publishers Canada has announced the six participants in the 2022 edition of its Women in the Studio National Accelerator, which advances the career development of talented producer-songwriters from across Canada.

They are:

  • 99Makaveli (Makenna Edissi) – Kitchener, ON
  • Angelixa (Stella Lux) – Toronto, ON
  • Erin Costelo – Halifax, NS
  • Grace Chiang – Vancouver, BC
  • laaain (La-Nai Gabriel) – Victoria, BC
  • Ocevnside Clvb (Anastasia Petrova) – Toronto, ON

Biographies for all 2022 participants are available here.

The Women in the Studio program offers women, gender-fluid, non-binary, and gender-non-conforming participants a series of curated workshops, education sessions, and networking opportunities with music industry leaders. Music Publishers Canada is committed to changing the imbalance in the industry that exists for these producers, and to supporting a creative and technical community that grows each year.

First launched regionally in 2019, and expanded nationally in 2020, the Accelerator is designed to provide the cohort with opportunities for skills development and networking that they may otherwise be unable to access. Participants will gain valuable insights from mentors and industry experts for the and duration of the program, starting with sessions that begin this month and continue through to December of 2022. Sessions and workshops will take place both virtually and in-person, including a comprehensive program of development and networking opportunities in Toronto Sept. 22-24, 2022.

The program will focus on topics including technical skills, financial literacy, music business skills, and branding, and will offer opportunities for creative collaborations. Each producer, as a condition of acceptance, has also agreed to explore volunteer opportunities in their own community.

“Music Publishers Canada is thrilled to welcome these six exceptional producers to our 2022 Accelerator,” says Margaret McGuffin, Music Publishers Canada Chief Executive Officer. “Thanks to the support of our partners and industry mentors, we’re able to advance the careers of women, gender-fluid, non-binary, and gender-non-conforming producers in an industry where they often face many barriers.”

The program is generously supported by RBC Emerging Artists, FACTOR and the Government of Canada, Ontario Creates, and Cassels. Music Publishers Canada is pleased that this partner support has allowed for an in-person portion of the program this year.