Twenty-one songwriters and producers co-wrote 12 songs destined for screen productions in two days, as SOCAN held its second annual Kenekt Sync Camp, presented with the Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC),  in May of 2023, in four studios at Melrose Sound in Los Angeles.

Fifteen SOCAN members, working with two other songwriters and four other producers, all based in the U.S., came through with new, original co-creations designed to be pitched to specific screen productions for synchronization (sync) placements.

Briefs from seven L.A.-based music supervisors – several of whom were able to visit in person to meet the music creators – were presented to the music creators on the morning of the first day; the campers then split into four groups, each occupying one of the studios, and in less than 48 hours, they delivered their finished work.

The SOCAN member participants were songwriters Andrea Wasse, Ari Hicks, Boslen, Jazz Cartier, Lia Liza, LU KALA, Makk Mikkael, Rachel Suter, Sara Diamond, Scott Helman, and Tally Margulies; and producers Carmen Elle, Makavelli, TJ Whitelaw, and Yonatan Watts.

The American songwriters were Caroline Brooks (aka BELLSAINT) and Zoe Giosa-Hirsch, while the U.S. producers were Gray Toomey, Higher Lvl, Jay Uncut, and Mischa Mandel-Giegerich.

The music supervisors were Adrienne Reeves of Versa Library; Allyson Aranez of Aspect; Jessica Millette, Lou Lanser, and Mike Jansen of Greater Goods; Katy McIlvaine of Alphabet Supe; Livy Rodriguez-Behar, of both Dreamboat Music and 5 Alarm Music; Louisa Bisio, of both Louisa Strategy and Mean Machine; and Ryan Svendsen of both Millennium Media and Angel Studios.