SOCAN and 604 Records joined forces to host a Kenekt Song Camp at Head Space Recording Studios in Vancouver, from Dec. 12-14, 2023. The camp gathered a diverse group of more than two dozen music-makers and industry professionals to nurture collaboration, cultivate connections, and create new songs together.

The camp inspired three days of songwriting, with a grand finale listening session on Dec. 14. The event was organized (and attended) by SOCAN Creative Executives Houtan Hodania and Racquel Villagante, in  collaboration with talent manager and music executive Isaac Markinson, of Circle Small Mgmt.

Participants were assembled each day into four to six groups, with each group deployed in one of four separate recording studios in the complex (and in a few cases, at 604 Records Studios, and Braeden Rangno’s home studio) to create new songs.

The SOCAN members participating in this unique event were:

Powfu (published by Sony Music Publishing), Asal, Boslen, Frances Whitney, Maggie Andrew, Diamond Café, Christian Jason, Nathan Chiu, Young Friend, Jayde Ubels, Madalen Duke, Manila Grey, Steve Breaux, and Amaal Nuux.

Pomo, Crush, Eugene, KULTARGOTBOUNCE, Joseph L’Etranger, Farshad (of DiRTY RADiO), Jared Minierka, Tavish Crowe (published by BMG  Music Publishing), Euro Visa Visa, Braeden Rangno, Waspy Beats (aka Zachary Yerxa, of DiRTY RADiO), Jolin Ras, Mcevoy, and Danny Del.

The Kenekt Song Camp in Vancouver showcased the remarkable talent of SOCAN members, and emphasized the power of music to unite artists from diverse backgrounds. As always, some participants will likely work together on future endeavors, which increases the impact of the event.