After a three-year absence, SOCAN was pleased and proud to once again host its annual Family & Friends summer reception to celebrate our members, at the Sunset Marquis Hotel Pool Deck in Los Angeles, on June 23, 2022. The party, which ran from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. PT, drew more than 200 SOCAN members and key music industry representatives.

Present at the event were SOCAN songwriter members Jex Nwalor, Eli  Brown, Tamara Miller, Nate Husser, Bobby Kuya, Rhyan Douglas, Mike Sonier, Jay Century, Liza, Gerald O’Brien, Maddy Simmen, Lia Liza, Harrison Brome, Simon Rosen, Colin Munroe, Jarvis Church, Chris Stylez, Kastro, PIAO, Chxerry22, FORTHENIGHT, Tom French, Yosh Beats, Clerel, Evan MacDonald, Zeina, Mandy Woo, and KALLITECHNIS.

SOCAN screen composers were also well represented, with Darren Fung, Stephan Moccio, Jeff Danna, and Matthew Tishler at the party, along with Kevin Estwick of the Core Music Agency, which represents audio-visual composers.

Music industry representatives at the reception included Mason Klein and Will Perliter (both of Mixed Management and R&R Records); Stephanie Pereira (manager for Chxrry22); Alison Taylor (artist manager); Mara Kuge (California Copyright Conference); Max Espinosa and Arian Tehranian (both of SalxCo Business Management); Jarret Mackenzie (manager of KALLITECHNIS); Henry-Francois Gelot (artist manager); Doug Mark (artist attorney); Corey Kastner (HowRU? Entertainment); Audrey Anne (artist attorney); Sean Lewow (Ourros); Max Motley (Mostley Music); Blake Goldman and Tino Cuccinello (managers of Jex Nwalor); Chukwudi Obi, Niki Zahedi, and Danny Jacobson (all three of Hallawood); Hunter George (Executive Director, Guild of Music Supervisors); Michael Eames (President and co-founder, PEN Music Group Inc.); and Andre Galuban (Canadian Consulate in L.A.).

Attending for SOCAN were CEO Jennifer Brown; Director, Creative, Cameron Kennedy; Vice President, International Relations, Catharine Saxberg; Creative Executives Racquel Villagante (Los Angeles), Houtan Hodania (Toronto), and Gagan Singh (Film/TV & Visual Media); and Creative Progamming & Partnerships Co-Ordinator Maria Escamilla.