In a bid to foster new collaborations and bolster connections with music supervisors, SOCAN – in partnership with The Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC) – organized a unique songwriting camp focused on sync (synchronization) opportunities. Dubbed “SOCAN KENEKT X SAC Pro Songworks: L.A. Sync Camp,” the event gathered a diverse group of songwriters, producers, and music industry professionals.

SOCAN, SAC, L.A., Kenekt, sync camp, 2024Held on Apr. 12-14, 2024, the camp found participants crafting original songs tailored to briefs provided by music supervisors from Los Angeles. The collaborative effort aimed to create music specifically for synchronization in visual media. Following two days of intensive creativity, the event concluded with a playback party on Apr. 14, showcasing the newly minted demos. Among the music supervisors who provided briefs were A.D. Johnson, Adrienne Reeves, Allyson Aranez, Daciay Quenah, and Livy Rodriguez-Behar, offering invaluable insight and direction to the attendees.

The ambitious goal set for the camp was to produce new original demos by the end of the weekend, ready for potential sync placement and artist release. This initiative aligns with SOCAN’s mission to support its members by facilitating opportunities in the competitive landscape of the music industry. The fourteen songwriters and seven producers assembled for the camp created a total of 21 songs in three days.

The camp boasted an impressive lineup of songwriters: Suni MF, THE BLVCK BUTTAFLY, RAAHiiM, Sophie Powers, DYLN, Camm Hunter, Ralph, Laureli, Elio, Andrew Briol, EARTH TO EMILY, Maggie Andrew, Maddy Simmen, and Alexis Lynn. Complementing them were top-tier producers J.Keys, Skyler Cocco, 2oolman, Jay Century, Saint-Patrick, Deadmen, and 4th Pyramid, enhancing the creative process with their expertise and talent.

SOCAN, SAC, L.A., Kenekt, sync camp, 2024Supporting the event on the ground were SOCAN Creative team members Liam Russel, Racquel Villagante, and Lord Quest, alongside Marie-Michele Bouchard from the Marketing team, ensuring smooth operations, and fostering an environment conducive to collaboration.

The success of the sync camp was made possible through the generous support and funding from FACTOR (the Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Recordings), SOCAN Foundation, and the Government of Canada’s consulate in Los Angeles – highlighting the importance of partnerships in driving innovation and opportunity within the music industry. As the camp concluded, SOCAN looked forward to witnessing the impact of these new collaborations, and the potential of the freshly minted demos in the realm of sync placements, and beyond.

SOCAN, interviews, Kenekt, SAC, Los Angeles, Sync Camp, 2024

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