Desirée Dawson won the Music Video of the Year, and SOCAN members effectively showcased their music at various events, during the 2022 edition of South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Conference and Festival – which returned once again to live-in-person events and performances, from March 11-20, in Austin, Texas.

The British Columbia-based Dawson’s powerful, moving video for “Meet You at The Light” earned the honour, and her record of the same name is nominated for Adult Contemporary Album of The Year at the upcoming 2022 JUNO Awards.

Key showcases for SOCAN members included those presented by The Range, which featured Haviah Mighty, Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Cartel Madras, and Just John; M for Montreal and Pop Montreal, which included sets from TEKE::TEKE, Cadence Weapon, Naya Ali, and Bad Waitress; and BreakOut West, where Altameda, Jay Wood, Meltt, The Velveteins, and The Garrys played their music.

In order to connect with and support our members, SOCAN held an informal lunch, where attendees included the aforementioned Dawson, Cadence Weapon, Snotty Nose Rez Kids, and Just John. Throughout the conference, we also as connected with some of our fellow Canadian music ecosystem representatives, including those from Breakout West, Manitoba Music, M for Montreal, Pop Montreal, The Orchard Music, Opposition Music, Range Magazine, Dine Alone Records, and the Osheaga festival.

Attending these events at SXSW 2022 were SOCAN’s Director, Creative, Cameron Kennedy; Creative Executive, Los Angeles, Racquel Villagante; Creative Executive, Vancouver, Houtan Hodania; and Vice President, Corporate Development, Steve Ambers.

“Songs for Ukraine,” a new initiative to support creators in Ukraine, is being rolled out globally by CISAC in partnership with its 228 member authors societies throughout the world.

The project was conceived and created by the music authors society Artisjus in Hungary, and is part of the #CreatorsforUkraine initiative, raising funds and support from creators worldwide.

“Songs for Ukraine” (#SongsForUkraine) aims to promote the works of Ukrainian creators over digital platforms, broadcasting, and other services, with the overall goal being to increase royalty flow to Ukraine’s creative community. People are encouraged to share their favourite Ukrainian cultural discoveries on social media, using the hashtag #SongsForUkraine.

“’Songs for Ukraine’ is a simple but brilliant scheme to help Ukraine’s creators, by having their works played throughout the world. I would like to see platforms and broadcasters join the campaign and do all they can to support it,” says CISAC President, ABBA co-founder Björn Ulvaeus.

Says CISAC Director General Gadi Oron, “At a time when Ukrainians are going through horrific suffering, ‘Songs for Ukraine’ is one way for the global creative community to show its solidarity with the country’s creators. By playing, promoting and sharing Ukrainian songs and works of all repertoires, people can express their support and, at the same time, help Ukraine’s creators earn royalties.”

Among many societies promoting the initiative, KOMCA in Korea is working with the major local digital platforms, which have posted Ukrainian playlists on their homepages. Each playlist introduces top 100 Ukrainian repertoires.

Creators for Ukraine also asks for contributions to a fund created to support creators and refugees. SOCAN has already contributed $50,000 to the organization, and is now supporting the “Songs for Ukraine” initiative. Thousands of creators’ signatures to an open letter on Ukraine are also being collected from creators around the world, led by CISAC member societies.

Artisjus and the Ukrainian music CMO NGO UACRR, have compiled three playlists containing genre-diverse Ukrainian songs.

Playlist for Ukraine #1

Playlist for Ukraine #2

Playlist for Ukraine #3

Playlists and additional details can be found on this website.

The Coalition for Diversity of Cultural Expressions (CDCE) have launched an outreach campaign, “Stand Up for C-11,” to support Bill C-11, the new Online Streaming Act.

The bill aims to have large online streamers contribute their fair share to the Canadian cultural ecosystem, correcting years of glaring inequities. It will ensure that Canadian creations and productions have an important place on our airwaves and screens. By ensuring that the Broadcasting Act is finally adapted to the new digital environment, Canadian music and audiovisual works will enjoy greater recognition around the world.

The Broadcasting Act has not been reviewed in over 30 years and is one of the most important cultural policies in Canada. The Online Streaming Act will have important repercussions for all songwriters, composers, screen composers, and music publishers in Canada, so making your voice heard surrounding the debate is essential.

It’s time for online streamers to contribute to the creation, development, and dissemination of Canadian content. If you care about culture, take a moment to show your support for Bill C-11: it’s a gesture that will make a big difference.

Sign the petition to STAND UP FOR C-11!