Phil Strong, Laurel MacDonald

Phil Strong, Laurel MacDonald

SOCAN celebrated our #ComposersWhoScore nominated, as well as some early winners, in the 2019 Canadian Screen Awards, with a dinner at the Sassafraz restaurant in downtown Toronto, on March 28, 2019.

Attending SOCAN-member nominees included nominees Ari Posner, Rob Carli, Mark Korven, Laurel MacDonald and Phil Strong of Improbable Music, Greg Fisher of Fish-Fry Music and Sound, as well early winners Darren Fung and three of Voodoo Highway’s four members: James Chapple, Graeme Cornies, and Brian Pickett. To check the work for which they’re all nominated or honoured, click here.

We also presented a No. 1 Award to Andrew Lockington – one of our most honoured and successful #ComposersWhoScore – for his work on the movie Rampage, which reached the top of the North American box office on April 13-15, 2018, grossing $34.5 million in its opening weekend. Attending with Lockington was Neil Parfitt, who works closely with him as a sound engineer, and who was himself nominee. The duo has just returned from a trip to Japan, where they were capturing sounds for a project to be released on Netflix.

“The work of our #ComposersWhoScore is essential for SOCAN,” said SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste. “In 2018 we collected almost $375 million in revenue, and a large and important part of that is for screen composers.”

In addition to Baptiste, SOCAN attendees included SOCAN Board of Directors President and Chair Marc Ouellette, Rodney Murphy, Michael McCarty, Paul Stillo, Gary Laranja, and Daryl Hamilton, as well as The SOCAN Foundation’s Charlie Wall-Andrews. Also attending were past SOCAN Board President Stan Meissner, Glenn Morley of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada, and SOCAN Board of Directors member Ed Henderson.

SOCAN, No. 1 Song Award, Michael McCarty. Andrew Lockington, Eric Baptiste, Daryl Hamilton

SOCAN No. 1 Award. Left to right: Michael McCarty (SOCAN), Andrew Lockington, Eric Baptiste (SOCAN), Daryl Hamilton (SOCAN).

In a brief red carpet conversation with SOCAN, 2019 JUNO Indigenous Album of the Year nominees Snotty Nose Rez Kids talk about their portrayal of Indigenous daily life, rebranding derogatory terms, their songwriting process, and their upcoming album Traplines.

Saluit, Nunavik-born Québécoise Elisapie was nominated in the Indigenous Music Album of the Year category at the 2019 JUNO Awards in London, Ontario. We met with her on the red carpet to discuss her participation in the SOCAN Songwriters’ Circle, where she shared the stage with the illustrious David Foster, among others. We also asked about her reaction to the very positive international reception of her recent album The Ballad of the Runaway Girl, and how she manages her career and family life – now that she’s a mother of three.