During September of 2023, SOCAN staff continued their education and experiential journey on Truth & Reconciliation with a weekly Indigenous Voices series.

The series was designed to deepen our understanding of Indigenous history, culture, and contemporary issues, ahead of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on Sept. 30th.

We believe that each of us has a role to play in the reconciliation process, and by engaging in this series, we’ve gained a greater appreciation for the diverse and vibrant cultures and voices in Indigenous communities.

Thank you to the following Indigenous leaders and organizations who made time for us. We will continue to share resources with our large community throughout the year.


Red Sky Performance
Led by Executive & Artistic Director Sandra Laronde, Red Sky Performance is a creator and producer of contemporary Indigenous performance and more. Their vision is to lead in the creation and elevation of contemporary Indigenous performance. They create inspiring experiences of contemporary Indigenous arts and culture that transform society in meaningful ways. SOCAN’s September workshops were a huge success, thanks to Laronde and her team, including Michael DeGagne, Dr. Beverley Jacobs, and Cliff Cardinal.

Indspire is a national Indigenous charity that invests in the education of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people in hope that it benefits their lives, as well as their communities. There are various scholarships, mentorship programs, and more, that enable Indigenous children to achieve their dreams while still remaining connected to their roots.

Essential Viewing

Reimagining Mistatim
Reimagining Mistatim
is a digital film about the truest of friendships. A wooden fence is all that separates a ranch from a reservation, but two children live in different worlds. Reimagining Mistatim is an opportunity to explore Truth & Reconciliation as a family, or in a classroom, and comes with a study guide. It gives viewers an understanding of the impact of the legacy of the residential school system. Watch the trailer here.

Cliff Cardinal – The Land Acknowledgement
Cliff Cardinal challenges the idea of the land acknowledgement with a satirical one-man show. Check out his interview on Global News here.

Red Sky Peformance has a REDTalks Series which celebrates exceptional ideas and performances from Indigenous artists, change-makers, and leaders, while building ongoing engagement with all communities.


Kym Gouchie – “Cleansing the Highway”

Kym Gouchie, Cleansing The Highway

Select the image to play the YouTube video of the Kym Gouchie song “Cleansing the Highway”













The song pays tribute to the missing and murdered Indigenous people among Highway 16. Listen to more music by Kym here.


Highway of Tears by Jessica McDiarmid

 Unbroken: My Fight for Survival, Hope, and Justice for Indigenous Women and Girls by Angela Sterritt

She Holds Up the Stars by Sandra Laronde


 Indigenous Fashion Arts