Nicole Pratt has joined SOCAN in the newly created role of Vice President, Reproduction Rights Operations, as part of a new, distinct, strategic team of 15 experts at SOCAN, dedicated to reproduction rights.

Reporting to Martin Lavallée, Head of Reproduction Rights and Senior Legal Counsel, Pratt brings more than 13 years as a reproduction rights professional, and more than 20 years of client relations experience, to SOCAN. She’s an experienced project manager who recently successfully delivered and implemented a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to improve business interaction with clients, oversaw a large administration team, and maintained positive relations with vendors.

“Nicole Pratt’s experience with complicated data integration projects and company acquisitions, thoughtful strategic planning, and process improvement and documentation, will be great assets to SOCAN and our reproduction rights clients,” said SOCAN CEO Jennifer Brown. “Her joining the SOCAN leadership team is an important milestone in our evolution as the Canadian leader in reproduction rights. Her subject matter expertise and experience, combined with her proven ability to manage and build teams, will be greatly beneficial to us and our expanding roster of reproduction rights clients.”

Since 2018, reproduction rights development and management have become integral parts of SOCAN’s strategy. To serve our reproduction rights clients even better, and to fully appreciate the many finer details and nuances of the field, SOCAN has created the new team of 15 experts, and sharpened the company’s focus so that such dedicated expertise is present at all levels of the organization.

This enhanced commitment will enable our clients to reap the benefits of being part of a multi-rights organization with the dedication to both performing and reproduction rights service that they need. For our members and clients, this is an opportunity to maximize their royalties, as SOCAN will offer decision-making and oversight that understands the nuances of reproduction rights.

Before joining SOCAN, Nicole Pratt worked with Anthem Entertainment (previously known as ole) since 2013, most recently as Director, Administration. She was responsible for developing strategic plans and providing clear directives to her team, while leading projects and encouraging the development of client relations. Before Anthem, she was Supervisor of Royalties with the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA) for seven years.

Gagan Singh recently joined SOCAN, to strengthen our relationships with screen composers, along with film/television music ecosystem influencers, both in Canada and globally.

He’ll meet with screen composers to support their needs from business and creative perspectives, and develop workshops and education initiatives that will benefit and expand the knowledge areas of trends and best practices among the emerging screen composer community. He also serves as a strategic liaison between composers and industry associations.

Singh is a successful composer himself, and has sat on the Board of Directors of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada (SCGC) for the past few years, so he has a first-hand understanding of the challenges and interests of screen composers.

You can meet Gagan in the video below, and also hear from others at SOCAN about some of the many ways that we serve our #ComposersWhoScore.

Click on the image to watch the video

Click on the image to watch the video

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SOCAN CEO Jennifer Brown, along with many of the organization’s Vice Presidents and department heads, addressed more than 100 Anglophone and Francophone music publishers of all kinds for two separate online Town Hall meetings, on Nov. 30 and Dec. 2, 2021 – during which we provided key information and updates on distributions, royalty collections, and our financial situation, and answered questions.

SOCAN Chief Financial Officer Rob Bennett disclosed that for our 2021 results, we’re forecasting a solid increase in overall collections and domestic revenue, a new record for total revenue, and looking at  various opportunities to continue to optimize our operating expenses.

James Leacock, SOCAN Director, Domestic Royalty Collections, discussed new developments in licensing digital audio-visual services, music streaming services, and online concert platforms (especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic). He also talked about new services being licensed, including major home-fitness, gaming, and TV streaming companies.

Leslie Craig, SOCAN Vice President, Royalty Services, talked about new distribution rule changes in digital services, radio, internet, and online audio-visual services – the last two growing significantly in 2021 – that will benefit our members.

Andrea Kokonis, SOCAN’s Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel, said that we’re expecting the federal government to re-introduce amendments to the Broadcasting Act, which will allow us to continue advocating for regulations to oblige digital media companies to showcase and recommend Canadian and Francophone music, and to participate in financial support programs that help foster its creation.

We also introduced the publishers to SOCAN’s new Membership Department team: Vanessa Thomas, Vice President, Member & Industry Relations; Chief Membership Officer Jean-Christian Céré; and in a new role, longtime SOCAN manager Stephanie Kornhaber, now our Director, Member Services.

Céré said that SOCAN needs to get back to basics to serve members even better, and address their concerns using the necessary resources. Thomas mentioned that we’re hiring new staff, and outlined our plans for 2022, while Kornhaber discussed a new survey strategy aiming to capture data at every touchpoint in the SOCAN member journey, that can then be used to serve them even better.

Other SOCAN personnel presenting info at the meetings were Martin Lavallée, Senior Legal Counsel and Head of Reproduction Rights;. Kit Wheeler, Vice-President, Royalty Collections; Alan Triger, Head of Strategic Solutions & Analytics; Alec MacLachlan, Manager, SOCAN Analytics; and Daryl Hamilton, Operations & Project Lead, Membership.

In answering questions from the publishers, we explained that a change in the weighting of background music cues doesn’t allow SOCAN to collect more revenue, but shifts how the revenue is allocated; that returning the “statement preview” function in the SOCAN member portal is a priority item ; and that members’ statements do report separate performance rights and reproduction rights royalties.

It’s in these constructive, transparent exchanges that we continue to provide a level of service that reaches, and exceeds, the expectations of our publisher members.

Thanks to all of our music publishers who attended the events!