Atlantis: Hymns for Disco celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2022. k-os chats with us about the longevity of songwriting.

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On Aug. 26, 2022, Gab Bouchard releases Grafignes, his second album, which follows 2020’s Triste pareil – a recording that marked him as one of Québec’s artists to watch. The sequel originated during the first waves of the pandemic, and testifies to the ground he’s covered, how he took more time and space, and was inspired by his new friendship with keyboardist Mathieu Quenneville. Grafignes was recorded and mixed by Pierre Girard, the arrangements and additional sound recordings are by Gab Bouchard, Olivier Langevin, and Mathieu Quenneville – with the latter also arranging the strings. A few days ahead of the release of Grafignes, we spoke with to find out about the creative process behind the new album, once again propelled by sadness and introspection, but still managing to give us a few glimpses of fun.

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Thirteen SOCAN members co-wrote 14 songs destined for screen productions in two days, as SOCAN held its first-ever Kenekt Sync Camp on July 23-24, 2022, at the legendary Sound Factory studios in Hollywood.

Working with four other songwriters and four other producers, all based in the U.S., the SOCAN members came through with new, original co-creations designed to be pitched to specific screen productions for synchronization (sync) placements.

Briefs from five Los Angeles-based music supervisors (three of whom were able to visit in person to meet the music creators) were presented to the songwriters and producers on Saturday morning; the campers then split into four groups, each occupying one of the studios, and in less than 48 hours, they delivered their finished work.

The SOCAN member participants were songwriters COTIS, IDMAN, KALLITECHNIS, Benny Mayne, Maurice Moore, Colin Munroe, Rx, TOBi, and Andrea Wasse; and producers Eli Brown, Dillon Baldassero, Dajaun Martineau, and Mike Sonier.

The American songwriters were Rome Castille, Ryn Nicole, Dua Saleh, and Vanessa Tha Finessa, while the U.S. producers were Prep Bijan, DJ Higher LvL, Nick Lee, and Saint Patrick.

The music supervisors were Alyson Aranez (of the Aspect Advertising Agency), Jessica Gramuglia (of Condé Nast), Livy Rodriguez (music supervisor, former manager of YouTube Music), Olivia Schlichting (of SuperMusicVision), and Jennifer Smith (of Rat Dance Party).

A handful of musicians and music industry visited the camp, including Feyi Ekisola (who manages Prep Bijan and Rome Castille), Amisha Sarkar (who manages SOCAN member Alicia Creti), Jarret Mckenzie (who manages KALLITECHNIS), and André Galuban (of The Canadian Consulate in Los Angeles).

“Much love to SOCAN for a successful song camp in LA!” said TOBi. “It was dope to connect with Canadian and American songwriters in person, the rooms were well curated, in a legendary studio with a rich history. Meeting the supervisors in person was also a nice touch, as that isn’t usually the case when receiving briefs, so we got to make those connections. Overall, a good job well done this weekend. Everyone felt comfortable, and there was a sense of camaraderie amongst the writers.”