SOCAN’s employees know what it’s like to work with the largest organization in Canada’s music ecosystem, and now outsiders can have an inside glimpse into the spirit, motivation and pride that exists within the company.

SOCAN’s new video describes our role and perspective as Canada’s largest dedicated music-tech organization. It affirms SOCAN as a cutting-edge music rights company, presents the special people who work with the company, and illustrates the type of candidates we look for to join the team.

The video describes how, since its inception in 1990, SOCAN has moved from tracking a few hundred thousand performances a year, mostly on TV and radio, to tracking trillions of performances every month, mostly on streaming services.

Acquiring companies like Audiam and MediaNet positions SOCAN with the right technology to meet and exceed demand, as we fulfill our mandate to lead the global transformation of music rights. SOCAN needs, and demands, that we hire the right people: the best, most excited, most energetic and creative experts, who bring with them a growth mind-set, welcoming change so that we can move forward with fearless agility.

Certified in 2016 as one of the best workplaces in the country by Great Place to Work Canada®, SOCAN creates an environment where employees can excel, with opportunities to achieve career goals, while realizing the organization’s vision. It’s a company culture that encourages partnership, excellence, respect, leadership, and empowerment through our work environment, training & development, employee engagement, competitive compensation & benefits, wellness programs and facilities, social activities, and corporate social responsibility.

At SOCAN, we know that the best days of the music industry are ahead, and that SOCAN will be a critical part of creating that bright future, both in Canada and around the world.