For artists like Jocelyn Alice, it’s about the journey and the destination. Always involved in music, she recorded and wrote in her native Calgary since she was a teenager – first appearing as a finalist on Canada’s Popstars when she was 16, then later as half of soul-pop duo jocelyn & lisa, and currently with her solo career.

Her songs have been featured on TV favorites One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars as well as in commercials for large brands like Target, but it’s her latest single “Jackpot” that finally captured the public’s attention, going Gold in Canada this past summer.

 “Jackpot was just another song I wrote that I thought was pretty cool, but had no idea how people would react!” says Alice. “I’m so lucky to know how it feels to follow dreams with the support of so many. I can’t tell you what it all means to me. Hopefully I can just continue to work really hard and keep making stuff that ignites feelings in someone. That’s enough for me.”

She’s currently working with friend and producer Ryan Guldemond (Mother Mother) on her latest EP.