Always mindful of the need to support our members, help them shine, and continue to remain deeply involved in the Québec and Francophonie music ecosystems, SOCAN was ever-present in the 2023 edition of the Francos. Here are the highlights of our initiatives, collaborations, and participation during this 10-day celebration of Francophone music:

SOCAN Showcase at the Rendez-Vous Pros des Francos
As it does each year as part of the Rendez-Vous Pros des Francos, SOCAN showcased two artists, selected by its creative team, whose show promising potential for international advancement. As part of this edition, SOCAN members Parazar and Ya Cetidon showed what they can do in short-but-intense performances, in front of a large group of international delegates, official representatives of Rendez-Vous Pros des Francos (of which SOCAN is a partner), and a crowd of fans, and people interested in discovering fresh talent. And nobody was disappointed!




SOCAN pre-dinner networking reception
The Parazar and Ya Cetidon showcase was followed by a networking reception, where official Rendez-vous Pros representatives, and the artists on hand, had an opportunity to engage with members of the SOCAN team , including SOCAN’s new Director of Québec Affairs Alexandre Alonso – who warmly thanked the attendees, and stressed that sharing opportunities is an essential part of the music ecosystem.

SOCAN, reception, Rendez-vous pros des Francos, 2023


Presentation of the Prix Félix-Leclerc to Ariane Roy
A long-time partner of Prix Félix-Leclerc, SOCAN was pleased and proud to once again present a $2,500 cash award to the- winner – in this case, Ariane Roy, with whom SOCAN caught up with following her June 13, 2023, outdoor concert. Sara Dendane, SOCAN’s Creative & Partnership Executive, Quebec, climbed onstage to present her with the cash award, and congratulations.

Ariane Roy, Rendez-vous pros des Francos, 2023, Prix Felix-Leclerc


SPACQ panel on Artificial Intelligence
Also as part of Rendez-vous Pros des Francos, SOCAN partnered with SPACQ (the Société Professionnelle des Auteurs et des Compositeurs du Québec) for the presentation of a panel, Artificial Intelligence: Copyright and Creation, moderated by Francophone Communications and Marketing Manager and Paroles & Musique Editor Eric Parazelli. It featured captivating discussions on the rights inherent to AI, as well as on the potential dangers and benefits that technology provides to artists. The panel – a video recording of which will be posted on the SPACQ member portal – included composer, producer and music specialist Debbie Tebbs; Alfa Rococo singer-songwriter David Bussières; Gradiant AI co-founder and director Gaëlle Ramboanasolo; and Cabinet Lavery associate and patent agent Benoit Yelle.

panel, SPACQ, SOCAN, Rendez-vous pro des Francos, 2023, Eric Parazelli

Eric Parazelli


Presentation of the Christopher-J.-Reed Award to France Lafleur
In partnership with SOCAN, APEM (the Association des professionnels de l’industrie musicale) capitalized on the timing of the Rendez-vous pros des Francos on June 15, 2023, to present its Christopher-J.-Reed Award to France Lafleur, who devoted 33 years of her professional life to the worlds of music publishing, and writer and composer rights advocacy. A lawyer, she played a number of roles at SOCAN, including that of General Manager of the Québec and Atlantic Division, until her retirement in 2013. The Québec music publishing industry thus recognized France Lafleur’s “exceptional contributions to the recognition of the music publishing profession.”

APEM, Rendez-vous pro des Francos, 2023, France Lafleur, Prix Christopher-J.-Reed