It’s official: the 31st edition of the Gala SOCAN in Montréal will take place on Dec. 7, 2020! While the Francophone edition of the annual SOCAN Awards was slated to take place last September, the current situation has altered our plans, and the winners of this edition will be announced online.

Semaine des 4 Julie, Gala SOCAN 2020, Eli RoseTo kick off this new, virtual edition, we decided to surprise Eli Rose, live and in person, by giving out the first award on  Monday, Nov. 16, while she was a guest on the talk show La semaine des 4 Julie, broadcast on Noovo.

Thanks to the song “Caroussel,” its co-writers Eli Rose, Michael Mlakar, Yannick Rastogi, and Zacharie Raymond, as well as their publisher Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd. Canada, have won one of the 10 Francophone 2020 Popular Music Awards, given to the most-played songs of 2019. It’s worth noting that this song was created during the 2016 Kenekt Québec Song Camp, where Rose and Banx & Ranx were participants.

Trophies will be awarded to SOCAN’s songwriter, composer, screen composer, and music publisher members in a couple of dozen categories, starting on Dec. 7, when winners are announced. Watch our social media properties, this website, web site as well as a special Gala SOCAN website that  will go live on that date.

SOCAN congratulates Eli Rose, her co-creators, and her publisher, for this SOCAN Award. We’ll see you soon to celebrate the achievements of all the winners!

The SOCAN Foundation held the second annual edition of the groundbreaking Equity X Production mentorship program – designed to empower female-identifying and gender minority producers-in-training – from Sept. 22 to Nov. 6, 2020, online-only this year because of pandemic restrictions.

“The SOCAN Foundation established this national program in response to the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative study launched in 2019,” said Charlie Andrews, Executive Director of the SOCAN Foundation. “The profoundly concerning research exposes the lack of gender diversity among the role of the music producer. We worked to fundraise and develop a program that challenges the status quo by empowering female-identifying and gender minority music-makers to become producers, through education, networking, and support.”

The program is made possible with the generous support of RBC and Ableton, as well as encouragement from the SOCAN Foundation Board of Directors.

The second edition received more than 300 submissions, and allowed for only 24 participants, drawn from all across the country, coast to coast to  coast. About 70% of the participants were from outside of Ontario, and all are SOCAN members. Instructors Heidi Chan, Laura Dickens, and Ableton’s Aggrey Ellis (also all SOCAN members) facilitated, as the group of aspiring and emerging producers worked with, and learned more about, MIDI loops and keyboard mapping, drum machines and samplers, drum programming, workflows, production for live performances, and more.

The second-year participants were (listed in alphabetical order, by last name):

  • Anna Backus
  • Paula Burrows
  • Camille Brereton
  • Erin Costelo
  • Chloe Doyon
  • Brittany Fahel
  • Bridghid Fry
  • Terez Goulet
  • Gan
  • Athena Holmes
  • Alexandra Levy
  • Barbra Lica
  • Alexandria Maillot
  • Sarah Makonnen
  • Aiza Ntibarikure
  • Monica Paez
  • Natalie Ramsay
  • Natasha Roldan
  • Sarah Rossy
  • Anya Smith
  • Alanna Sterling
  • Justine Tyrell
  • Zaynab Wilson
  • Joanna Worthington

Overseeing the program on behalf of the SOCAN Foundation were Charlie Andrews; Meryl Gosch, Project Co-Ordinator; Julien Boumard-Collier, Administrator of Programs; and Dixie Ola, Operational Assistant.

Said participant Paula Burrows, “The course truly encouraged and inspired me to put more hours into producing. Before, I would work on a project for a bit and get either bored or discouraged, hit a wall, and give up. This course made me look at Ableton [producing software] not as a challenge anymore, but instead, more of a new hobby obsession, where anytime I hit a wall, I could get some help from one of our coaches and keep moving on. Every week I was learning a new trick, or a new hidden facet of Ableton, I didn’t know about. It made producing fun again.”

Said participant Athena Holmes, “[The program] inspired me to keep learning with Ableton, and seek other resources to extend learning, on top of the curriculum. Both the participants and instructors are super-knowledgeable and helpful. [Focusing] on sounds design and abstract sound exploration will help me when I’m creating new songs and new sounds… The biggest benefit is being able to talk to educators one-on-one, and really being able to have a mentor to whom I can ask all my questions. Developing connections with like-minded people is invaluable. The overall program has given me more confidence, and being selected to develop a relationship with SOCAN Foundation makes me feel good.”

Just as it has, every year for the past 15 years, Fondation SPACQ (Société professionnelle des auteurs et des compositeurs du Québec) has presented its annual awards. A total of 16 grants of $10,000 each, totalling $160,000, have been awarded to 16 winners.

“Year after year, it’s with renewed pleasure always that Fondation SPACQ celebrates the accomplishments of songwriters while gathering not only those creators, but businesspeople, broadcasters, and other major players in our musical ecosystem,” said Diane Juster, the president of Fondation SPACQ. “The major changes our industry is undergoing are getting deeper and deeper, and have a major impact on the condition of music creators. It’s vital that we keep defending their interests, and stop the erosion of their rights. Thanks to our partners’ continued commitment, Fondation SPACQ is able to shine a light on, and recognize, the tremendous talent of our creators.”

Starting today, and until Dec. 8, 2020, short videos of the winners, produced by Les Productions Déferlantes, will air on TVA. These clips will then be available on the Fondation SPACQ website.

SOCAN congratulates the 2020 winners:

PRIX ANDRÉ « DÉDÉ » FORTIN—Presented by Stingray Music
Emerging artist—Les Louanges

PRIX ANDRÉ GAGNON—Presented by Québecor
Instrumental music—Yannick Rieu

Social involvement—Chloé Ste-Marie

PRIX EDDY-MARNAY—Presented by Productions Feeling
Outstanding imagination—Les Trois Accords

PRIX ÉDITH BUTLER—Presented by Bell Média
Canadian Francophonie—Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire

PRIX ÉVAL MADIGAT—Presented by the Evenko Foundation
Musical diversity—Fouki

Songwriting—Marc Dupré

PRIX GILLES VIGNEAULT—Presented by the National Bank|
On-going career—Charlotte Cardin

PRIX LUC PLAMONDON—Presented by ICI Musique
Lyricist—Laurence Jalbert

PRIX LUCILLE-DUMONT—Presented by Industrielle Alliance
Singer—Marie-Denise Pelletier

PRIX RICHARD GRÉGOIRE – Presented by Hydro-Québec
On-Screen Music – Gabriel Thibaudeau

PRIX SYLVAIN-LELIÈVRE – Presented by Fiera Capital
Songwriting Career – Jacques Michel

PRIX BEAU DOMMAGE – Presented by RNC Média
Creative Collaboration – Bon Débarras

Non-Singing Songwriter – Steve Marin

PRIX ROBERT CHARLEBOIS – Presented by Power Corporation
International Reach – Cœur de Pirate

PRIX PAUL DARAÎCHE – Presented by Arsenal Médias
Country  Music – Cindy Bédard