SOCAN has collaborated with other international societies around the world to develop a new standardized cue sheet, part of a global initiative to ensure that societies around the world collect consistent information.

Receiving a complete cue sheet is integral to SOCAN ensuring that screen composers, songwriters, and music publishers are fairly compensated for their work in film, TV, and online productions. By streamlining efforts, cue sheet details can be processed more efficiently, ensuring royalties are paid for productions played in all countries, not just Canada.

A cue sheet completed by the producer of a film, television show, or digital production has typically been considered the authoritative source, but cue sheets may also be submitted by broadcasters, distributors, international performing rights organizations, and SOCAN members.

We’re making every effort to connect with all parties that regularly submit, in order to provide them with the new cue sheet – though we’ll continue to accept cue sheet details in alternate formats at this time.

It’s important as a SOCAN member songwriter, composer, or music publisher, that you notify the production companies with which you work that they should file their cue sheets with SOCAN. You should also request copies for your records. Alternately, if you have complete information, we encourage you to submit your cue sheets. If you have a publisher, it’s important that you discuss your submissions with them.

A complete cue sheet means we can enter details directly into our system and send royalties soon after airing.


While the new cue sheet will feel familiar, and many fields remain the same, we’ve created a video to help you navigate it, highlighting the process and providing resources to guide you.

By using the new cue sheet template, you’re participating in a global initiative to ensure that screen composers, songwriters, and their music publishers are compensated for the incredible work they do to bring the viewing experience to life.

The new cue sheet is available for Windows and Apple users, in both English and French.

Additional questions are answered in Cue Sheet FAQs.