SOCAN is taking the next step in delivering more for our members with the announcement of our new, strategic partnership with technology provider Spanish Point Technologies. This relationship will significantly improve our processes, our data quality, and how we work together to serve our members. The arrangement aims to provide more efficient, timely, and accurate music rights and royalty services to our more than 185,000 songwriter, composer, and publisher members.

After much research, SOCAN selected Spanish Point Technologies for its extensive knowledge and experience in the music industry. Having developed software that uses many common industry standards, their team has a thorough understanding of our business, and what’s needed to achieve even better results for our members.

Spanish Point’s Matching Engine technology will allow SOCAN to tackle several current operational challenges. It will help us standardize and streamline various aspects of our operations, including multi-rights repertoire management, usage ingestion and matching, and distribution processing. It will create a more seamless flow of data and information between processes, and with our members. And it will allow for more flexible royalty distribution schedules, and provide our members with an even more user-friendly portal.

Spanish Point technology will replace existing repertoire management, distribution processing, and member portal functionality.  It’s going to allow us to spend more time supporting our members, and less time supporting our technology systems.

A number of leading collective management organizations around the world are already working with, or currently on-boarding, with Spanish Point in various capacities, to standardize their back-office processes, including data management. By using the same system as other music rights organizations, we’ll benefit from collaboration on best practices, and evolve as an industry to build better systems together, with a company committed to delivering improvements specifically for collective management organizations.

A full team of dedicated staff at SOCAN will support the transition to Spanish Point. The work being done by the team, like data clean-up, is aligned with and supports progress in current processes as well. During the implementation of Spanish Point technology, SOCAN will continue to work on the issues that are important to our members. The implementation of Spanish Point’s Matching Engine product will take place between now and July of 2025.

Members will receive regular updates via e-mail, and interested members can join us for drop-in meetings every four months with key executive staff, to receive project updates, understand next steps, and provide feedback on the decisions that will directly impact them.

Spanish Point’s technological expertise, combined with SOCAN’s member-centric strategy, aims to set new standards for excellence, as we work to revolutionize our service to members, endeavour to deliver royalties more efficiently, and change the way we work together. We’re poised to deliver a new era of efficiency, accountability, and member satisfaction.