In a difficult economic climate for the local music industry, it’s crucial for SOCAN to support and help our Québec members, and raise their profile while helping them to further develop their connections within the Québec and French-speaking music ecosystems. It was for these reasons, and many others, that SOCAN was present and active throughout the 2024 edition of the Rendez-Vous pros des Francos.

We’ve already reported on our Connexion networking event, held in parallel with Les Francos on June 17, 2024. The success of this second edition underscored the organization’s commitment to fostering fruitful collaboration for its members in the Québec and Canadian music industries.

Once again, we were involved in awarding the Prix Félix-Leclerc, this year to Lou-Adriane Cassidy, as we presented her with a $1,500 grant on the MTELUS stage, right in the middle of the “Le Roy, la Rose et le Lou[p]” concert. It was an emotional moment for both Cassidy and her fans.

And we’ve also shared with you the various tributes paid to Rosaire Archambault at the Christopher J.-Reed Award ceremony, organized by APEM with the support of SOCAN, as part of the Rendez-Vous Pros des Francos. The event is always a moving and unifying moment for the music publishing community.


SOCAN showcase at the Rendez-Vous Pros des Francos
As in previous years, as part of the Rendez-Vous Pros des Francos, SOCAN presented a showcase of two artists selected by SOCAN’s Creative team, with promising international potential. For this edition, SOCAN members Guessmi and Malko showed what they were capable of, each delivering a short but intense performance to an audience packed with international delegates, accredited members of the Rendez-Vous Pros des Francos, as well as fans and curious onlookers eager for new discoveries. And no one was disappointed! For more details on Guessmi and Malko, please access this article.

Rendezvous Pros des Francos, SOCAN, 2024, Guessmi


Rendezvous Pros des Francos, 2024, SOCAN, Malko


















SOCAN-APEM networking cocktail party
A networking cocktail party, co-presented by SOCAN and APEM, followed the Guessmi & Malko showcase, during which the Rendez-Vous Pros accredited guests and participating artists were able to exchange ideas with members of the SOCAN and APEM teams – a process that’s essential to the development of the music ecosystem.

Rendezvous Pros des Francos, SOCAN, 2024, Sara Dendane, Cocktail, Party, APEM

Sara Dendane (SOCAN)

Rendezvous Pros des Francos, SOCAN, 2024, Cocktail, Party, APEM


















SOCAN Masterclass: The Music World in the Digital Age
Finally, on June 20, as part of the Rendez-Vous Pros des Francos, SOCAN presented a sold-out masterclass entitled Le monde de la musique à l’ère numérique (The Music World in the Digital Age). Host Sara Dendane, Creative Relations and Partnerships Manager for SOCAN in Québec, was accompanied by Holly Fagan-Lacoste, Manager of Digital Affairs and Partnerships Relations at SOCAN. This captivating event covered basic concepts, while exploring the latest digital platforms and synchronization (sync) agreements. It provided the artists and music industry professionals in attendance with the information they needed to make informed choices and navigate the complexities of the digital exploitation of music. A perfect fit with SOCAN’s educational mandate, this initiative enabled participants to gain a clearer understanding of the sometimes intimidating digital world, which offers an abundance of opportunities – when artists are equipped with the right tools.

Rendezvous Pros des Francos, SOCAN, 2024, Masterclass