The SOCAN Foundation has announced that it will distribute $30,000 among the 12 award recipients of 13 prizes in the 2023 edition of its annual Awards for Emerging Screen Composers.

“SOCAN Foundation believes in celebrating the achievements of young emerging artists,” said Charlie Wall-Andrews, SOCAN Foundation Executive Director. “These awards help support and foster the development of talented young SOCAN members across Canada.”

 “The SOCAN Foundation is keen on celebrating the artistic excellence of Canada’s emerging screen composers,” said Executive Director Charlie Wall-Andrews. “We’re confident that this recognition and financial support will help these music creators continue the upward trajectories of their careers.”

These awards showcase Canadian screen composers aged 30 or under for original themes or scores created exclusively for an audiovisual medium (television, film, Internet, etc.). Prizes were awarded in each of the competition’s four categories: Best Original Theme (Opening or Closing) and Best Original Music Awards in the fields of Fiction, Animation, and Documentary. The works submitted were evaluated by juries comprising prestigious Canadian composers Steph Copeland, Caleb Chan, and Anaïs Larocque.


Grand Prize
Maxime Fortin for Après le deluge – Best Original Score – Fiction

Best Original Score – Animation
1st Prize – Greg Mulyk for AquaREEL
2nd Prize – Chiara Yung for Best and Bester are to blame
Honourable Mention – Jordan Andrew for Jitters

Best Original Score – Fiction
1st Prize – Dominic Sambucco for re. azioni
2nd Prize – Kalaisan Kalaichelvanpour for This Place
Honourable Mention – Andrés Galindo Arteaga for Broken Order

Best Original Score – Documentary
1st Prize – Dillon Baldassero for Linda’s Last Trip – Every Tear is a New Birth
2nd Prize – Julien Verschooris for A Disappearing Forest
Honourable Mention—Sasha Leger for Around the Ring Road of Iceland

Best Original Theme (Opening or Closing)
1st Prize – Maxime Fortin for Savoirs Légendaires
2nd Prize – Alexandra Petkovski for Happily Undead After
Honourable Mention – Nicholas Nausbaum for Burnt

More information on the winners of the SOCAN Foundation awards

Application deadlines for the 2024 competitions will be posted on the SOCAN Foundation website in the early months of 2024.