SOCAN’s publisher members gathered at our Montréal office on Nov. 14, 2019, for our annual meeting.

Our team welcomed about 30 publisher members, as well as representatives from APEM (known in English as PMPA, the Professional Music Publishers Association), to talk about subjects that matter to them with our attending representatives: SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste, Huguette Langlois, Geneviève Côté, Leslie Craig, Tobi Akinwumi, James Leacock, Martin Lavallée Gary Laranja, David Charest, Karine Melchior, Nathalie Gagné, Lyne Lanoue, Widney Bonfils, Jennifer Brown, Kit Wheeler, and Stephanie Kornhaber.

SOCAN, publishers, meeting, Montreal

SOCAN updated the publishers on our current action plan, and addressed the following subjects:

  • New Technologies: the Distribution and Management of Digital Products
  • Distribution and Licensing
  • Legal and Governmental Affairs

The attendees also had the opportunity to ask questions about the issues that concern them, as well as recent developments.

Thank you to everyone who attended:

  • Guillaume Lombart—Ad Litteram
  • Jérôme Payette — APEM
  • Sébastien Navarro & Vincent Dufour – Apollo Publishing
  • Diane Pinet & Caroline James — Éditions Bloc-Notes
  • Jean-François Guindon — COOP Faux Monnayeurs
  • Roseline Rousseau-Gagnon & Carmel Scurti-Belley — Éditions Dare to Care
  • David Murphy, Dominique St-Cyr & Stéphane Martire — David Murphy et cie
  • Denis Wolff — Ho-Tune Music
  • Françoise Morin — Intermède Musique
  • Xavier Debreuille & Antoine Brosseau — Éditions Musicor
  • Jehan Valiquet — Musinfo
  • Nicole Beausoleil – Les Productions Nicole Beausoleil
  • Julien Bidar — Éditions Outloud
  • Odette Lindsay—Third Side Music
  • Jean-François Denis — YUL média
  • Christophe Piot — Write Here Music
  • Sébastien Charest — Seb Charest Gestion de droit d’auteur
  • Guillaume Nestoret — Ninja Publishing
  • Marie-Ève Rochon — Bonsound
  • George Vuotto — Finger Printz Music (Premier Muzik)
  • Marie-Laurence Asselin (Fair Enough Publishing)

The meeting was followed by a cocktail reception where attendees networked and exchanged ideas in an informal setting.

SOCAN, publishers, meeting, Montreal