SOCAN celebrated a handful of our #ComposersWhoScore, visiting Los Angeles as part of a Canadian Film Centre residents development program, with a happy-hour mixer at The Godfrey Hotel Hollywood, on Dec. 4, 2023.

SOCAN member screen composers attending the mixer included Darren Fung, TiKA, Conan Karpinski, Anthony Wallace, Deanna H. Choi, Kalaisan Kalaichelvan, Alexandra Petkovski, Adaline Music, Vincent Leslie Jones, Alex Siesse, Alexander Andersen, and Dillon Baldassero.

Also attending the event were music ecosystem representatives Robert Kraft and Carol Kuswanto (of Kraftbox Entertainment ); Edwina Travis Chin (of APM Music); Arbel Babek (of Spectra Creative Agency); Andre Galuban (Trade Commissioner for Music, Consulate General of Canada, Los Angeles); Kathryn Emslie (of the Canadian Film Centre); Ross Hardy (CEO, Hard Music Group); and Livy Rodriguez-Behar (music supervisor).

Attending for SOCAN was our Creative Executive, Los Angeles, Racquel Villagante, and Creative Executive, Los Angeles and Nashville, Liam Russell.