SOCAN has expressed its concern for the rights of screen composers following disconcerting revelations by major media companies in the United States revelations from media companies that would deprive composers of their right to royalties and dramatically lower their income.

The rights management organization has urged others to join the movement to protect composers’ right to be compensated fairly for their extraordinarily valuable work, notably by becoming part of the Your Music, Your Future community.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with our thousands of screen composer members,” said SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste. “The right of composers to be compensated fairly must be protected and upheld.”

Baptiste added that SOCAN will continue work with the Screen Composers Guild of Canada (SCGC), La Société professionnelle des auteurs et des compositeurs du Québec (SPACQ) as well as with the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) to support their efforts to make a fair living through the creation of music that elevates the audience experience and intrinsic value of movies, television shows and commercials.

“SOCAN is committed to continuing to bring the concerns of screen composers to the fore with elected and appointed government officials, industry and the public at large,” Baptiste concluded.

Monique LeyracOne of the greatest Francophone artists of her generation passed away from heart failure at the age of 91, early on Sunday, Dec. 15, 2019. Monique Leyrac sang songs penned by the greatest songwriters: Charles Aznavour, Gilles Vigneault, Claude Léveillée, Michel Conte, Émile Nelligan, Félix Leclerc, Luc Plamondon, and many more. The grande dame of Québec music was the first Québecoise artist to shine internationally, which paved the way for many of our local creators.

Whether it was on the Radio-Canada show Pleins Feux, or when she was on The Ed Sullivan Show, onstage in Québec or at Toronto’s Massey Hall, New York’s Carnegie Hall, the Paris Olympia, and even in Russia, Monique Leyrac’s immense talent as a singer was always at the service of her writer and composer colleagues.

On Oct. 16, 2017, she was honoured at the SOCAN Gala in Montréal with the Special Achievement Award, for her entire body of work. She received the award from one of her biggest fans, and one of the greatest Francophone lyricists of his generation, Luc Plamondon.

“I am privileged to have met her when SOCAN presented her with the Special Achievement Award in 2017,” said Geneviève Côté, SOCAN Chief of Québec Affairs and Visual Arts. “We had to honour this artist, who chose to put her immense talent at the service of our songwriters. She made us laugh and stole the show that night. I think she actually did that every time she walked onto a stage.”

Below is a video of her charming speech, one of the highlights of the 28th SOCAN Gala in Montréal.

SOCAN pays homage to this great lady of song, and offers our sincerest condolences to her family and loved ones.

In an exclusive video interview with SOCAN, after a powerful  live performance at our Toronto offices, Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine – of The Launch fame – discuss writing as a duo versus writing with other people; the inspiration behind their new, not-yet-released song, “Selllout”; the futility of trying to write a hit; and how to tell who’s real and who’s not.