The cancellation of the 2020 JUNO Awards was met with sadness and disappointment by all at SOCAN.

“We stand with our friends at CARAS,” said SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste. “SOCAN had been looking forward to celebrating the success of nearly 250 of our music creator and music publisher members who had been part of a JUNO nomination, and many others who were scheduled to perform at the event. We look forward to better days ahead for all in the Canadian music industry.”

SOCAN was one of the many sponsors and supporters of the 49th JUNO Awards and JUNO Week, which were scheduled to be held in Saskatoon before their necessary cancellation due to the COVID-19 situation.

“Our congratulations still go out to SOCAN members on their success, and to CARAS for the incredible effort that their staff and contractors put into the 2020 JUNOS,” Baptiste added. “We offer whatever help that we can provide as they work through the situation. The Canadian music industry is very much a family, and it’s important that we stand together during this crisis.”

SOCAN is currently reviewing various options and asking its members for their input regarding the SOCAN Awards in Toronto on March 30th.

SOCAN’s operations during the COVID-19 situation continue.

We’re following guidelines and working with employees, members, and visitors to mitigate risk of spread of the virus.

While every situation is unique and fluid, we’ve prepared well in advance to work through a crisis like this. We’ve already halted non-essential travel, moved to online meetings, and all employees will work from home starting on Monday, March 16th.

We have every reason to believe that our operations will continue to run well. We will work to keep you informed on developments.

This situation affects all people and organizations. SOCAN has taken and is taking measures to ensure that our business runs as smoothly as possible.

We wish you good health and safety as we work through this challenging situation together.

SOCAN A&R Representative Racquel Villagante took part in a Tune Up/The Bout panel, co-presented by Women in Music Canada, at a “Monetize Your  Music” event held March 5, 2020, at The Hideout in downtown Toronto.

The gathering, also sponsored by Music Ontario and Music Publishers Canada, included a panel of royalty experts;  a presentation by the Canadian Federation of Musicians presentation; a lightning round of one-on-one Q&As with representatives of various rights organizations; and a post-event cocktail reception for networking directly.

The event drew more than 100 people, mainly artists, songwriters, producers, and their managers. The panel was moderated by Margaret McGuffin of Music Publishers Canada, and there were speakers from SOCAN, ACTRA-RACS, CONNECT Music Licensing, The Canadian Federation of Musicians, MROC, and RE:SOUND.

Attending music makers got to connect with the rights and royalties people in their corner. They learned how organizations collect royalties on their behalf when their music is publicly performed, reproduced, and synchronized, and how those companies pay them. They also were educated on how to ensure their works are properly registered with these organizations, and advocate with them, to make sure they’re getting properly paid for the use of their music.