Living in self-isolation and quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic can take a massive toll on your creative process and output. Not being able to go into a studio with your fellow writers, producers, and artists can have a serious impact on your business and career. In an effort to help connect our members to one another and subsequently stimulate creativity, the growth of new creative partnerships, and hopefully commercial activity down the road, SOCAN has taken its Song Camp Mondays online. We’ll be facilitating multiple virtual songwriting sessions per week (as opposed to our previous one-every-two-weeks, in-person version) across the country, and in the U.S., based on applicant submissions.

These Virtual Song Camp Monday sessions – each one a full-day co-writing session connecting three SOCAN members at a time – will bring together participants from across North America, via online meeting platforms, from the comfort of their own homes and/or home studios, during the current period of social isolation. The challenge is to complete one new song by the end of the day.

Three songwriter applicants will be selected and connected for each of the several virtual co-writing sessions being held every  week. Participants for the sessions are selected at random from all submissions and notified one to two weeks before each session. Once your submission has been received, it remains on file throughout the calendar year.

Each session will run from the morning through the afternoon (specific times TBD, depending on the writers’ time zones). A “SOCAN 101” session will be hosted virtually by one of our SOCAN A&R representatives at some point during the session, in order to help explain how to register the co-written song with SOCAN, and all the ways to get paid!

Please submit your application via the online form, here.