The Board of Directors of Caisse Desjardins de la Culture today announced the election of Geneviève Côté as President of the organization. She’s the first woman to hold this position since the creation of Caisse de la Culture 25 years ago.

Côté, who became SOCAN’s Chief Quebec Officer & Visual Arts Officer five years ago, manages SOCAN’s operations in Québec. With 20 years experience on the Québec cultural scene, including TV production, artist management, music publishing, live show production, and music promotion, she’s a current board member of the Polaris Music Prize, and holds a Law degree from the University of Ottawa.

Côté succeeds Jacques L’Heureux, who was Board Chairperson of the Caisse de la Culture for the past 22 years, and will remain active in the organization as a Board Member.

The Caisse Desjardins de la Culture was born out of a desire to provide artists, craftspeople, and companies with the resources they require to realize their goals. The 7,000-member Caisse fosters Québec creativity, and supports arts distribution and promotion at home and abroad, while advocating the use of the French language. Caisse Desjardins de la Culture is a financial co-operative administered by representatives of Québec’s cultural community.

SOCAN is proud to congratulate Geneviève Côté for this achievement, one that will help SOCAN continue to shine in the Québec cultural ecosystem.