Yamaha Canada Music donated an entire band’s worth of musical instruments to the Harmony Lounge in the SOCAN Toronto office on Nov. 2, 2017, to support our series of “SOCAN Sessions” with members, as well as the musicians among our staff.

Omar Ales, of Yamaha Canada Music, presented us with about $16,000 worth of gear, including

  • a Montage 8 Music Synthesizer;
  • a BBP34 Vintage Sunburst Electric Bass;
  • an LL16ARE Folk Guitar;
  • an LL16MARE Folk Guitar;
  • an RS820CR Rusty Rat Electric Guitar;
  • a THR100HD Guitar Amp;
  • a THRC212 Guitar Amp;
  • a THR10 Guitar Amp;
  • an Electric Drum Set, including
    • a DTX900M Drum Trigger Module;
    • a DTP903 Pad Set; and
    • a DTP904 Pad Set,

as well as

  • an RS700 Electronic Drum Rack;
  • an L7S Keyboard Stand;
  • an FP9500B Drum Pedal; and
  • a DS840 Drum Stool.
Yamaha, SOCAN

SOCAN staff test the new Yamaha gear

This will make it much easier for SOCAN members like Amelia Curran, Andy Kim, Damhnait Doyle, and Dean Brody to play “SOCAN Sessions” for our staff with their bands – because the backing musicians won’t have to bring along all of their gear, and load it in and out.

It’ll also make it easier for the many musicians among our Toronto staff to indulge their passion for singing, songwriting and performing – right at the office – whenever they’d like to do so, on their lunch hours, breaks, and after work. The handful of employees who were the first to test the gear really enjoyed it.

“It’s a win for everybody, all around,” said SOCAN Chief Membership & Business Development Officer Michael McCarty. “We thank Yamaha Canada Music for their generous donation, which – like SOCAN itself – fosters music creation. What a great gift!”