From Oct. 16-21, 2023, the studios of the Artistic Palace in Paris’s 18e arrondissement hosted SOCAN’s KENEKT Song Camp, a truly memorable musical gathering. Organized over six intensively creative days, the event provided a unique sharing platform for Canadian and French (from, France) artists and producers.

Under the direction of Sara Dendane, SOCAN Creative & Partnership Executive, and with the support of Tessy Pokuah Paquin, Creative Programming & Partnerships Coordinator, and the help of Marie-Michèle Bouchard, SOCAN Communications and Marketing Specialist, the camp brought together an impressive group of musical talent from both sides of the Atlantic.

SOCAN, KENEKT, Song Camp, Paris, 2023

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The delegation of Canadian participants, mainly producers and beat-makers, included such big names as Nk. F, High Klassified, Neo Maestro, Youngdreadz, Forgs, Benny Adam, Pierre-Luc Rioux, Chase Wav, Simon Skylar and June Nawakii. On the French side, the artists included Chilla, S.Pri Noir, Still Fresh, Mister V, Tif, A2H, Lujipeka, Eesah Yasuke, Le Juiice, Dau, LSB, Tuerie, Carbonne, Cashmire, Élia, Squidji, Anna Majdison, Margane and Crystal Murray.

At the heart of this event were six days of supercharged songwriting in six different studios, with a total of 36 writing, composing, and recording sessions. The result? A mind-blowing musical selection of more than 50 songs was created during the camp!

At the heart of this trans-Atlantic musical encounter was a desire to forge creative links between Québec and France by fostering collaboration between these two poles of the Francophonie. This intensive musical immersion, where the participants explores new sounds and musical trends, left a lasting impression on them, providing inspiration for future collaborative projects within these two creative communities.

Beyond its artistic success, the Paris KENEKT song camp was a fertile breeding ground, where bridges were built between two regions of the world, linking not only artists, but also cultures and passions, for what we hope will be a deep and lasting impact on the international music scene.