Ragers: A New Era

New album Raw Footage created in Paris, L.A., Montréal

In the Spotlight: FRIGS

Exploring tension, unifying disparate recordings

Grimskunk: Healthy, Necessary Rage

Band launches ninth album, just shy of 30th anniversary

Suuns: The Mixtape Spirit

With Felt album, Montréal quartet takes a new turn

The Beaches: Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival

Fueled by first-person songs of experience

Galaxie presents Super Lynx Deluxe

A radical sonic leap forward

Theory of a Deadman earn SOCAN No. 1 Song Award for “Rx (Medicate)”

SOCAN holds “surprise” presentation to honour song

Voivod: Thrash ‘til The End

After 35 years and thousands of shows worldwide, Voivod is i...

Urvah Khan: “The First of Something”

Pakistani-Canadian blends punk, rap, rock, world music

Les Deuxluxes: Sex, Love & Fleur de Lys

Rock ‘n’ roll duo contrasts starkly with current musical...

Kevin Churko: “Mr. Fix-It” for Hits

From rock to metal to country, and more

Billy Talent soar to new heights

Working to the beat of a different drum – for now

F***ed Up

Songwriting in a six-headed hardcore band

Éric Lapointe:

Singing without shame or embarasment

Lessons Learned: Protest the Hero

Rody Walker: “Progressive music doesn’t have to be diffi...

Protest The Hero embrace change

In some bands, once each member establishes their role in th...

No love songs for The Pack A.D.

Vancouver garage-rock duo The Pack A.D. have one rule of son...

Lessons Learned: Brian King of Japandroids

Number One, never tour Canada in the winter. Don’t do it.

Japandroids share the wealth – and the work

Hard-touring duo always split songwriting credits 50-50

Metz strip their songs down to essentials

Noisy rockers aim to make their music very direct