Carleton Stone is a young singer-songwriter from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. After releasing a Nova Scotia Music Award-nominated debut in 2009, Stone met fellow Canadian songwriter Hawksley Workman, with whom he soon founded a new creative partnership. With Workman in the role of producer, his self-titled, second album was released to critical acclaim in 2011, and since then has taken home the Best Rock Recording award at the Nova Scotia Music Awards.

His third album, Draws Blood was released in March 2014, and was co-produced by Jason Collett and Howie Beck (producer for fellow Canadian artists Feist, Hayden and Sarah Harmer).

“So far I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of my heroes,” says Stone. “I can’t wait to start playing shows again and introducing these new songs to audiences.” His songs have appeared in television shows like NBC’s Saving Hope and CBC’s Being Erica, and he’ll be touring throughout 2014.