In the wake of other songwriters originating from Québec City – think Fjord, or Ghostly Kisses, whose ambient and suave electro sounds have made their way onto playlists the world over – Vincent Carrier, a.k.a. Lucky Rose, has just joined the Spotify Millionaires’ club.

Yet he’s made his mark with radio programmers as well. “The Way You Want Me,” a single with tropical dance flavours published by Québec City’s Higher Reign, has been enlightening the airwaves since the beginning of 2016, especially the Bell Media affiliates who’ve made him January’s “Future Star.” The song was co-written with fellow SOCAN member Yan Etchevary, and is still going strong on the province’s Top 40 charts. A video should be out any minute now.

With this hit in his back pocket, and a totally unexpected contract with Ultra Records (David Guetta, Calvin Harris), this young beat-maker is clearly on the track to a successful career. He’s working on a new single, another co-write, this time with fellow SOCAN songwriter member A-SHO.