After 10 years in business, it comes as no surprise that L’Assommoir (a.k.a. “the Dram”) is considered to be one of Montreal’s most popular late night hot-spots.

L’Assommoir opened its doors in early 2004, and added one more location in 2009. With two outlets in the bustling city, the restaurant-bar’s warm and friendly atmosphere continues to please  both after-work and late-night crowds by enlisting the city’s most celebrated DJs to perform almost every night of the week.

“Here, music is not background noise, it’s part of L’Assommoir’s global experience,” says co-owner, Victor Charlebois. “Music is integral to our business and we’ve been playing music in our restaurant ever since we opened.”

No stranger to the music business, Charlebois’ commitment to honouring music creators comes from his relation to one of Montreal’s most talented and iconic musicians ever: his father, the legendary, award-winning singer-songwriter, Robert Charlebois.

“For us, music is as important as food, cocktails and our staff.”

One of 30,000 dedicated SOCAN licensed bars and restaurants across Canada to receive a window sticker as part of SOCAN’s Licensed to Play (L2P) campaign, L’Assommoir proudly displays it on their front door to show support for those who create the music that their customers love hearing.

“This sticker is a source of pride for the regulars who’ve noticed it,” says Victor Charlebois.  “Our customers know it means that we provide creative entertainment, and promote Montreal’s homegrown talent, as well as international emerging artists.”

Taking it a step further, Charlebois says, “We support our Montreal emerging artists every Thursday with our Sounds of Montreal, a musical event that is frequently shared on social and other media. It’s an event that amplifies our featured artists’ visibility.”

There’s no doubt L’Assommoir has gained competitive advantage by way of music. ”We may be a little louder than in other restaurants, but for us, music is as important as food, cocktails and our staff.” says Charlebois. “All these things bring us closer to our patrons and keep them coming back.”

The co-owners credit music for greatly enhancing L’Assommoir’s overall customer experience, saying it “creates a contagious energy and plays a significant role in broadening our customer base.”

Says the younger Charlebois: “Our slogan is A universe to drink, eat and see, and we might add and to listen to!”

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