But at the moment, there’s no set schedule for the album. They’re in no rush. And the songs they’re coming up with are a little different than their parents’ repertoire. “Definitely not country,” says Lennon. “They’re more singer-songwriter, indie-pop. Okay, maybe it’s more folky. I just love singer-songwriter, indie [stuff]; and then Maisy is more on the pop side…”

“I still really love all the stuff Lennon loves,” Maisy interjects. “Right, but she’s more pop,” says Lennon. “She likes a beat. So it’s fun what we come up with together.”

“They’re very, very normal kids. They’re unfazed by all of it at this point.” – MaryLynne Stella

But before they shore up their album plans, they’ll hit the road for the Nashville spring concert tour, joining other cast members from the show after filming wraps on Season Three for an eight-city jaunt from late April through early May. “It’s gonna be so much fun,” says Maisy. “It’s our first tour, which is, like, a super-big deal. So exciting.”

Although they realize Lennon and Maisy’s route is markedly different from the road they themselves trod, their parents are careful to ensure that their daughters remain unaffected by their relatively easy path to success and the fame that’s come their way. For instance, until just this year, the girls still attended public school.

“They’re very, very normal kids,” says MaryLynne. “They’re unfazed by all of it at this point. It’s just what they do. They go to work, they go on set, they film, and then they come home and they go to the mall, and they call a friend and they go hang out. So hopefully we can maintain that.”  “For us, it’s amazing for our kids to not have a bunch of obstacles,” Brad says. “But we’re really super-careful that they don’t get this notion that they’re entitled to things that they shouldn’t be.”

Surely it must be a little weird that their teen and pre-teen kids have become more famous than their music biz parents?

“In truth, there is no better feeling,” says MaryLynne. “I mean, I could walk out on a stage to thousands and thousands of people, and it doesn’t even remotely come close the sensation of a parent watching their kids walk out [on that stage]. There’s no comparison to that feeling.”


Lennon and Maisy are onstage, pouring their sweet sisterly harmonies into “A Life That’s Good,” a song from the Nashville TV show (written by Sarah Siskind and Ashley Monroe). And they are, naturally, charming the pants off the audience. But this is no ordinary stage. This is the hallowed stage of the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditorium, Nashville’s “mother church of country music.” Brad and MaryLynne are watching from the wings as their daughters sing:

Sittin’ here tonight
By the fire light
It reminds me I already have more than I should
I don’t need fame, no one to know my name
At the end of the day
Lord I pray
I have a life that’s good

Two arms around me
Heaven to ground me
And a family that always calls me home
Four wheels to get there
Enough love to share
And a sweet, sweet, sweet song

For this family of music-makers that has traveled different paths, somehow this seems like just the right template for the road ahead.