The Magog-based publishing company David Murphy et Cie is the winner of the 2019 SOCAN Publisher of the Year Award, and will receive the honour during the 30th SOCAN Awards Gala, slated for Sept. 22, 2019, at La Tohu. Two of the company’s core values are transparency and integrity, which no doubt explains why it’s been so successful since it was launched in 1997. Last year, David Murphy et Cie focused on the development of three artists: Alexandre Belliard, who took his saga “Légendes d’un peuple” all the way to Costa Rica and Colombia; Élage Diouf, who received considerable support to participate in the Pacific Contact Showcase in Vancouver; and Alexandra Stréliski, whose career began in earnest, in more than 20 countries, following the launch of her album Inscape. Bold and innovative, the company has also streamlined its service requests by using SOCAN’s concert notification API, which helped David Murphy et Cie become the publisher who submits the highest number of concerts to SOCAN per year. We met with David Murphy et Cie in Magog to find out more about the often-unknown yet essential trade that is music publishing.