Canadian Classics

An Undying Love: R.I.P. Renée Martel

[:fr]La reine du country au Québec avait reçu le Prix Exce...

SOCAN mourns the loss of Ray Hutchinson, of the Beau-Marks

One of Canada’s first successful rock ‘n’ roll bands, ...

SOCAN Classics: “Le Train” – Vilain Pingouin (1990)

The band’s best-known song has stood the test of time

The Weeknd keeps winning, hitting a record in our 2021 SOCAN Awards

Eddie Schwartz still "Hits Us With His Best Shot" in this ye...

Video Interview: Staying Home with Owen Pallett

We chat with celebrated songwriter, composer about his Islan...

SOCAN Classics: “C’est Zéro” by Manuel Tadros (1990)

SOCAN Classics: “C’est Zéro” by Manuel Tadros (1990)

SOCAN Classics: “Fantasy” by Aldo Nova (1982)

“It's the song that launched my career!”

SOCAN Classics: “Repartir à zéro” (1988)

A fertile meeting of lyricist, music creator, and singer

Canadian Classics: “Jamaican Funk — Canadian Style” (1990)

Writers: Michie Mee, L.A. Luv, King Lou, Maximum, Phillip Ga...

SOCAN Classics: “Comme un million de gens” (1966)

Like a million of us

Canadian Classics: “Informer” (1993)

Writers: Snow, MC Shan, Edmond Leary, Michael Grier, Terri R...


Written by Francine Raymond, Luc Plamondon, Christian Péloq...

Photo Album: Canadian Rock ‘n’ Roll Icons

From Leonard Cohen to kd lang to Bryan Adams

Canadian Classics: “Safety Dance” (1982)

Written by Ivan Doroschuk; Published by Universal Music Publ...

SOCAN Classics : “N’importe quoi,” “Terre promise (poussé par le vent),” “Marie-Stone” (1994)

Éric Lapointe on how he wrote three of his classic hits

Canadian Classics: “She Ain’t Pretty” (1990)

Written by Bryan Potvin, Jay Semko, Merl Bryck, Don Schmid

Canadian Classics: “Walk Hand in Hand” (1956)

Written by Johnny Cowell, Published by Marwood Music

SOCAN Classics: “Les Bombes” (1987)

The bomb that re-launched Michel Pagliaro’s career

Canadian Classics: Sum 41’s “Fat Lip” (2001)

Written by Deryck Whibley, Dave Baksh, Stephen Jojcz, Greig ...

Canadian Classics: “This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ to Glide” (1980)

Written by David Broadbent and John Picard. Published by Re...