Month: February 2024

SOCAN members co-write, co-publish Beyoncé’s first No. 1 country song

Lowell, bülow, Nathan Ferraro, Hyvecity Music, Heart & Art ...

Video: A Retrospective with pHoenix Pagliacci

Discussing cultural roots, collaboration, genres, mentorship...

SOCAN addresses music publishers at two February 2024 Town Halls

SOCAN executives offer updates, answer questions

Bollywood North: Jonita Gandhi

Playback singer steps out of songwriting closet with “Love...

Kizaba: Carte Blanche for Black History Month

‘It is still hard to admit that Black people experience in...

Sebastian Gaskin opens up to co-writing

And expands both his musical and lyrical range

APEM’s Syncs of the Year: here are the five winners

Announced during the “Quand la musique rencontre l’image...

Uninhibited SadBoi writes short, sharp songs

Eclectic singer-songwriter makes demos in her bathroom

Video: A Retrospective with AHI

Looking at his past, present, and future making music

Decision-Makers: Magali Ould, General Manager, Secret City Records

“An artist’s commercial potential is never the first con...

Photo Gallery: Täbi Yösha onstage at Montréal’s Studio TD

Her first concert as headliner of new Série Libre TD

Gala Dynastie announces nominees for 2024

Culture Gala set for April 27 at Théâtre Maisonneuve in Mo...

SOCAN appoints Mireille Tabib as Ombudsperson

Enhancing commitment to fairness, transparency, accountabili...

Joseph Sarenhes on Black History Month

“What good is it to celebrate our origins if we don’t al...

Valence wins inaugural Bourse Karim-Ouellet

Award comes with prize worth $10,000

Matt Andersen earns SOCAN songwriter honour at 2024 Maple Blues Awards

Seasoned bluesman also takes home three other trophies

SPACQ now welcomes artist-entrepreneurs

Marking a historical shift for the music rights organization

Nico Paulo delivers self-assured debut

And takes unique path from Toronto to Portugal to Newfoundla...

SOCAN hosts dinner celebrating #ComposersWhoScore during 2024 Grammy week

Screen-composing members honored at intimate A.O.C. Wine Bar...

Video: Valence presents “La nuit s’achève”

Overcoming writer's block, self-doubt, by working at night