In our “Top Secrets” videos, music creators who’ve reached the top of a major music chart, and were celebrated by a SOCAN No. 1 Song Award, discuss the secrets behind the hit songs..

Roxane Bruneau is a mainstay on the Québec charts. But in the case of “À ma manière,” we can qualify the song as a long-lasting success: co-written with Mathieu Brisset, and published by Les Éditions Musique Variole enr., it’s been on the BDS chart for 15 weeks, and spent nine weeks on the ADISQ Correspondants chart.

In this new episode of Top Secrets, she lets us in on the process of writing the song, which wasn’t among her favourites on her Acrophobie album. But her fans’ strong reaction, and the impact of the video, made her realize the evocative power of this hymn to personal fulfillment, no matter how people might see and judge you.