East Coast artist and professional songwriter Chris Kirby has more than two million Spotify streams of songs that he’s co-written. He’s the touring keyboardist for Matt Andersen (and co-wrote “An Honest Man” with him), and has earned multiple East Coast Music Award nominations, including several for Producer of the Year. Recent producing and co-writing credits include Quote the Raven and Chris Ryan, and Kirby has participated in numerous song camps, sponsored by SOCAN, the Canadian Music Publishers Association (CMPA), and the Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC).

In an exclusive video interview with SOCAN on the release of his first album in seven years, What Goes Around, Kirby talks about what he’s learned from song camps; how he came up with some of the album’s most striking lyrical lines; and more seriously, how he and Damhnait Doyle co-wrote “Unreasonable Doubt” – the moving story of a sexual assault trial destined for an unhappy end, told from the perspective of the judge.