In April 2020, SOCAN launched its “Virtual “Songcamp Mondays” in the wake of self-isolation measures. These one-day online creative sessions gather three SOCAN members who are at home, or in their studio, anywhere in North America via an online meeting platform. This new series of video interviews allow us to tell the stories behind these collaborations.

The main goal, for the participants, is to remotely create and record a full song in a single day. Sometimes, the end result is so good that they decide to actually release their collective creation. Such was the case for Debbie Tebbs, Sara-Danielle and Meggie Lennon who today release their song “Vrai ou faux,” created during one of those Virtual Songcamp Mondays.

We met with the co-writers to find out more about their experience, the genesis of their song, and their writing process.

And here’s the lyric video for the song:

“Vrai ou Faux” by Debbie Tebbs ft. Sara-Danielle
Co-writers: Debbie Tebbs, Sara-Danielle, Meggie Lennon
Publisher: SYNC.MU/Quartier Général
Label : Quartier Général
Distribution : Select

If you’re a SOCAN member and would like to participate in one of these virtual song camps, please send your application here.