Digital Technology

SOCAN participates in webinar, The Metaverse: A New Music Marketplace

Examining how the evolution of new online tech might best se...

SOCAN hosts session on Music Licensing in the Metaverse

In our first-ever Twitter Spaces Q&A

Music & Technology Summit: First steps to seeing things more clearly

APEM and ADISQ get together for an afternoon of discussion

SOCAN website gets fresh new design and content

Bolder visuals, easier navigation, more user-friendly

Original 24 CanCon visionaries to be honoured at 2021 SOCAN Awards

Advocates to be recognized as Guardians of Canadian Culture

SOCAN Statement on Bill C-10

A level playing field for all digital media is the right way...

A short guide to non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

How the new medium works

Video: The Breakdown – “What do you need in order to mix a record?”

Mixing and mastering engineer Jason Dufour

Video: The Breakdown – “How do I better connect with audiences during live-streams?”

Shane Gill, Head of Music for Opposition BBTV

Video: The Breakdown – “How do I better engage my audience during the pandemic?”

Shane Gill, Head of Music for Opposition BBTV

Adam K and Drew North of Hotbox Digital Music

Songwriting is the key for production duo

Video: The Breakdown – How to break into music for gaming

Orri Sachar, Head of Music for electronic music label Monste...

Audible Magic acquires MediaNet from SOCAN

To offer one-stop-shop for music licensing and copyright com...

SOCAN Foundation holds second annual edition of Equity x Production program

Designed to empower female-identifying and gender minority p...

Entrepreneurs: Justin Gray and MDIIO+

Making connections, cleaning data – so songwriters can get...

Club Q, the hottest spot North of Corona

Casey MQ’s online dance party explodes during COVID-19 pan...

SOCAN Leadership Updates: Trevor Jackson

Future tech, and SOCAN I.T. as a workplace

SOCAN Leadership Updates: Trevor Jackson

How has SOCAN’s I.T. Department coped with COVID?

NAC and Facebook Canada to broadcast online performances by Canadian artists

Other initiatives also being developed

COVID-19 Update: More resources from the Canadian music community

To help musicians through the situation