Month: October 2011

Putting himself In The Driver’s Seat

Aaron Pritchett goes for greater control of his songs and re...

Traitement Shock

sa vision de l’industrie de la musique

Stony Plain grows a rich crop of Canadian artists

Founder Holger Petersen celebrates its 35th anniversary

From court jester to serious songwriter

Tragedy inspires D-Sisive to create more truthful, personal ...

In the Spotlight: Austra

Received tweets of approval from Jay-Z

From riches to rags and back again

Nathan Ferraro and The Midway State take it all in stride an...

Patrice Michaud : la route est longue

La clé du succès : le travail acharné

La liberté selon Andrée Watters

La chanteuse, auteure et compositrice n'a surtout pas peur d...

Les Breastfeeders : cœurs de rockeurs

Six têtes fortes et charismatiques

Philippe B: en mode classique

Philippe B chérit la valeur d’une chanson, et ce chemin s...

Where the song comes first

tanjola's Ivan Berry and Daniel Mekinda market their songwri...

Doubling Up

Sarah Slean explores the opposites of pop and orchestral mus...

Laurent Eyquem : plus on travaille fort, plus on est chanceux!

«Plus je travaille fort, plus je suis chanceux. »

In the Spotlight: Slowcoaster

2011 East Coast Music Award Winner

In the Spotlight: Dirty Beaches

Praised by critics

Seeing the big picture

Your career is about more than just music

Socalled : fusion parfaite

Socalled évoque un petit cousin de Woody Allen.

Keith Power contributes music to hit TV shows and action-movie blockbusters

From Hawaii 5-0 to Iron Man 2

Ash Koley members have so much in common they don’t need to talk

Finding success together by staying apart

Aiming for “music at the speed of thought”

ole launches ole clear library/production music division