Month: July 2017

Sound Advice: Health insurance benefits for SOCAN members

The Arts & Entertainment Plan® of the Actra Fraternal Benef...

Guitars, Fuzz and “Vulva Sports”

« On est féministes, avec la nouvelle approche qui vise l...

From songwriting to film scoring and back again

In The Spotlight: Adaline

Lenni-Kim: Teen Radio

Fifteen-year-old Québecois web phenom has signed bona fide ...

In The Spotlight: Planet Giza

Stars are aligned for Montréal trio

Allie X has earned more than 12 million streams on Spotify alone

But she’s still confused about exactly who she is

Earth Calling Di Astronauts

We have liftoff! Bob Bouchard, Lou Bélanger are in orbit

Broken Social Scene: Strangers in their hometown?

Pioneering Toronto indie-rock band returns after six-year la...

Beyries: What will you do with your pain?

“My album is post-event process, a post-traumatic growth...

A brief backstage chat with Bryan Adams

At The 2017 SOCAN Awards

Voivod: Thrash ‘til The End

After 35 years and thousands of shows worldwide, Voivod is i...

“We’ve always been relentless about trying to play as much as we can”

In The Spotlight: The Middle Coast

Rymz: Living His Contradictions

“I’ve got a lot of love to give, but also a lot of viole...

Kinley Dowling: Growing into her Solo Career

From band member, to session violinist, to reluctant recordi...

Making Sense of the 2017 Polaris Long List

Selections underscore musical diversity